Is Virgin Media down in my area? How to check your Virgin Media status.

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Virgin Media is a British mobile telephone, broadband internet and television provider that has been serving businesses and consumers across the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Hook, Hampshire and is a subsidiary of Liberty Global plc. Virgin Media is one of the most successful companies in the country and this emanates from the approval its services have been receiving from users across the country. Whenever you need anything from the company, you can easily reach the support team through various channels.

One of the ways you can contact Virgin Media is through their phone numbers or email. Note that when you email them it could take longer to receive a reply because the company serves many users every day. So, if your case is urgent you need to use another option like calling or reaching support through their social media accounts.

Check if Virgin Media is down

Most of the calls and emails that are sent to Virgin Media come from people who want to know if the service of the company is down in particular regions. Sometimes you could encounter network losses and this might come when you expect to catch up with a popular program you love. There are many reasons the network could be down, which include issues in the system of the company. Whenever there are issues that choke the network, it becomes difficult to get clear signals and this could persist for up to a whole day. The best thing to do if you notice differences in the strength of the network, you should make a call to Virgin Media to notify the company about the problem. Such problems are often seen in select regions and yours could be one of those affected, so alerting the support team could speed up their response to fix things.

If you prefer interacting with the company online, it would be advisable to first log in to your account to check the status of the network. Through your account, you can also read notices and letters detailing possible changes that could be made to the system, so you need to also consider checking the status of the network online. If that fails, there are forums where you can ask about the problem and the benefit of this is that you also are able to connect with other people with similar issues. It allows you to understand whether it is you alone having the problem. You can discuss ideas that can help you to fix the problem if it is not the fault of Virgin Media.

The online Virgin Media management portal also allows you to restart your kit if it’s not necessarily the network from the company causing the problems. Restarting the kit helps to restore service if there are errors on your end that you cannot identify. Virgin Media also allows you to book an engineer to come to your home to look into the problem if getting a solution proves difficult.

Other cases reported

Apart from network issues reported to Virgin Media customer services, there have been a number of cases reported to the company that you could also review. One of the most common complaints is about the support team and the quality of service offered. As much as Virgin Media strives to give perfect support services, the company is yet to streamline its support department especially when it comes to equipping them with the right information about services and problems encountered by users of different services.

Some support representatives waste the time of users taking them through rounds with questions that don’t necessarily help to settle the problems being encountered. This complaint has been amplified across many platforms but Virgin Media seems to have a serious management crisis that does not allow for a transparent support department. Giving customers irrelevant information is not what you would expect from such a company.

However, many people note that they chose Virgin Media because of its low monthly rates. The biggest challenge is that this does not necessarily translate to good service that many expect to enjoy. Some of those who could not have their problems resolved successfully opted to go back to their earlier costly options but reliable than Virgin Media.

Speed and Wi-Fi issues

Another trait noted in the series of comments shared is the speed of Wi-Fi offered by the company. The service is often slow and unreliable and once you ask about it they only promise to rectify issues within a few hours or days. Even after sending engineers at your place there is the issue of speed and inconsistency in the connections you receive from the company. Failure to receive the service paid for is the reason many people have been complaining about the company.

Even after agreeing to send engineers at your place to fix issues, you could have to wait forever and any subsequent calls will just give you the same response. This is not to say Virgin Media is not a good company, but they could do better if they adopted efficient ways of dealing with the problems their customers face from time to time. Customers also complain that once the problem they experienced is fixed, other issues arise just few days after the engineer has left. In short this creates a series of problems that eventually force them to exit to choose a different company.

What is worse is the lack of apologies for the horrible service given to customers. The company literally goes mute on all communication and seems not to care whether you have been suffering or not. If you have to choose Virgin Media ensure your region receives strong signals and ask several people who use the company’s network before signing the contract. It is not all regions that are affected but many parts in the country face network problems. The only benefit with choosing the company is that you enjoy cheaper services. Other companies charge more than Virgin Media and as it appears, their high monthly rates are justified and tolerable.

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