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Although eBay does its best to prevent fraud and buyer/seller disputes, it does happen from time to time and not everybody has a happy experience every time. This can be very frustrating and upsetting, but eBay UK customer service helpline team have a whole team of customer service agents to help you through any issues and will do their utmost to rectify the problem.

What are eBay's requirements for new sellers?

New sellers who want to list their first items on eBay are required to fulfil some requirements. The first requirement is to provide a valid credit card, a debit card or bank account information. It is also required to let eBay know how you will be paying your seller fees. You are also required to select a list of payment methods you will accept. You should also make sure to make your feedback profile public. It is highly recommended to have your PayPal account verified.

Can I open an eBay store?

To open an eBay store, you are required to have an eBay seller account. You should also place your credit card on file and have a PayPal verified account. If you want to open a Premium or Anchor store, your seller performance should be above standard. After meeting these requirements, you will be taken through a step-by-step process and your account will be up and running in minutes.

eBay won't let me list an item - what can I do?

If you can’t list an item, it may be because of the listing or selling allowances placed on your account. If this happens, it is most likely that you have not confirmed key personal information or you do not have a positive selling history. Thus, you should improve your selling performances and increase your allowances.

How can I increase my eBay seller limit?

After listing an item, eBay notifies you if you have reached or are close to reaching your monthly account limits. However, you may request an increase on your selling limits. Nonetheless, you may be required to verify contact information or any other information before you are allowed to increase your selling limits.

How can I sell on eBay motors?

You can sell all types of cars, parts or accessories on eBay motors. To ensure a successful transaction, you are required to gather all important information about the car you intend to sell. Some of the information may include your vehicle’s history and vehicle identification number (VIN).

How do eBay charge fees?

eBay only charges fees when you make a sale and then they charge a small percentage. eBay has a fee calculator that allows you to get an estimate on the amount of fees you will pay. Fees will however depend on the category of the goods you are selling.

What are eBay's fees for selling?

eBay charges fees differently depending on the category of your listing. For example, fees are different for motor vehicles, real estate and store subscribers among others. eBay may charge listing fees after you list an item. However, it also gives all sellers free listing fees per month. If you sell an item, you will be charged a final value fee. This is calculated from the total amount of sale but does not include sales tax. You may also be charged optional advanced listing upgrade fees and supplemental service fees if you decide to use them.

What are listing upgrade fees? How are they calculated?

Listing upgrades are a great way to attract more buyers by customising the appearance of your listings. While most listing upgrades will be flat fees, fees may vary depending on the selling format you choose and the eBay site you are selling on. In addition, you need to qualify for some of these upgrades and optional fees may be charged at the time of the listing. The fees are non-refundable.

How do I pay eBay fees?

While eBay requires sellers to have an automatic payment method, sellers have the option of making a onetime payment either using a credit card, debit card, checking account or PayPal. While making a onetime payment, it is advisable to wait at least 5 days to avoid making duplicate payments. You also have the option of updating your account information or removing a payment method at any time.

How can I revise an eBay listing?

Revising a listing will depend on various factors such as the time left before it ends, the type of listing and whether it has received any bids or sales. When revising your listing, you may note that there may be grey sections, which means that you cannot revise the listings.

Can I block an eBay user from interacting with me?

While eBay allows all members to participate in the biding and buying process, sellers are given the option of limiting sales to certain members. A seller can block a bidder or buyer by placing their user IDs on the blocked list. This restricts them from bidding or buying unless you remove them from the list. eBay allows you to block up to 5,000 user IDs.

How cna I cancel an eBay sale?

You may need to cancel a sale if an item is broken or if you made a mistake when listing it. When cancelling a sale, it is recommended to let the buyer know you intend to cancel the sale. You can cancel a sale up to 30 days after its sale even if the buyer has already paid for it. You will however not be able to cancel the transaction if the buyer has already opened the item not received request or when you have already opened an Unpaid item case.

The buyer hasn't paid for an item - what do I do?

If the buyer has not sent the payment and is no longer an eBay member, you can open up the case in eBay’s resolution centre. However, if the buyer is still registered, you can give them at least two days to make the payment. However, if after a substantial amount of time has passed and you have not received your payment, you can try talking to the buyer. If this does not work, then you can try and resolve the matter in eBay’s resolution centre.

I need to end my eBay listing early - how can I do this?

You can end your listing early via the End My Listing Early Form. You should also choose the option to cancel bids and end the listing early. This will ensure all the bids are cancelled and informs the bidders of the decision to end the listing.

My listing was removed early - what do I do?

eBay may remove listing which they feel go against their guidelines and policies. For example, listings prohibited by law, listings prohibited by eBay polies or those reported by a VeRO Program participant will be removed. In addition, listings that use language or photos that breach eBay polices may be removed. Listings that have been active in the site for more than a year without sales are also removed. eBay will send you a notice when it removes your listing.

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