Talkmobile vs ID mobile – who should I choose?

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Choosing a mobile provider is one of the most difficult processes and many people find it challenging to make a decision. In the United Kingdom, there are more than 10 providers and each promises to offer superior services that others cannot match. Of course every company will strive to be unique and understanding the uniqueness of each and the benefits you could enjoy for choosing them could allow you to make better decisions. There are two companies namely ID Mobile and Talkmobile that you should consider reading about as they have been in the forefront offering affordable packages in various categories. To allow you to choose between the two, here is a comprehensive review of each.

Talkmobile and what their customers have to say

To get the ball rolling, it’s good to first review Talkmobile. Like any other service, there are users who are convinced that the company is doing a good job while others will post their frustration even in the slightest failure. Upon crawling through various review sites including Trustpilot, you will be able to see what users think about the company. Some of them issue complaints while others have a reason to celebrate for choosing this provider.

Contract termination cases are some form of annoyance users encounter and protest. For example, someone was complaining that after the contract coming to an end, he opted to cancel the service. But this did not happen according to him and one year later, he was slapped with a bill of £104, which had accumulated without his knowledge. Upon calling the support team, he could not get an answer to the issue, which he thought was a violation of his rights. There are many others who have also experienced such a scenario who think the support team of the company should review contracts immediately they are terminated. Living with such credit could affect one’s credit score and this is something you don’t want to happen when you are working to get a better mobile deal.

Other complaints noted also include cases where after buying a phone from the company the line rental is confined to Talkmobile. Some people were also complaining that they were given defective handsets and the contract initiated was not good to cater for their needs. Lack of transparency has also been highlighted among the issues that arise while using the services of the company, so you could have to refer to these reviews to make a decision on whether to choose Talkmobile or another provider like ID Mobile.

However, the support team of Talkmobile customer services is easy to reach and they are very supportive. They gently handle your case but unless you make further follow up, you could realize later that a contract you agreed to terminate is still active, and this continues eating up on your wallet. You can reach them through social media, their mobile numbers and through email and the company replies quickly.

ID Mobile and its reviews

After reviewing the things customers are saying about Talkmobile, it is now fair to go into ID Mobile to also see what the company represents when it comes to offering services to customers. ID Mobile is a major competitor in the mobile industry and the company has been able to get a huge base of customers due to the great support and services offered. Their products are unique and there is sufficient support to allow customers to enjoy the various services and products offered. Before you make a decision, you could have to see what others are saying about their experience with ID Mobile.

Cost issues are a concern that many customers consider before choosing a network. There are customers who feel that after buying the £5 SIM they are presented with a huge bill later that emanates from roaming charges, which apparently they were not aware of in the first place. Some users term this as corporate greed but the company has an explanation to this. The explanation given points to the terms issued upon every plan and recommends that every user must review a plan before committing to avoid falling into complicated situations that require them to cover some charges.

Paying for a service you didn’t get is an annoyance that few can keep up with, and the company has a way to cover this up as they make sure they contact you with explanations that send you to complex terms that you apparently could not even have understood even if you read before committing to the contract. This concern has dominated the complaints posted on review sites and people feel it’s time the company came up with something that could help users to prevent erroneous consumption of data whose cost is placed on their credit card.

Some positives though

Despite all the downsides noted in the ID Mobile reviews, some users feel the company is also offering good services and can recommend their services to others looking to achieve better management of data. There are users who applaud the customer service of the company for responding to issues promptly and some also say the deals available are affordable and ideal for their schedules. To make the best choice, it is advisable to go through all the reviews posted on forums like Trustpilot to estimate whether you would stomach the experiences being narrated by others.

Some users of these services argue that to reach them well and to force them to act, you have to take your rants to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. If it has to reach this point to get served or to have your problems sorted, then there must be a major issue with the company. Some years back these companies were known to offer good services but the growth of the industry and the introduction of more products has dealt them a huge blow and they can no longer manage processes as required. Choosing between Talkmobile and ID Mobile is deciding which way to risk because both have not been fully verified as reliable mobile providers.

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