What is See Tickets refund protection?

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See Tickets sells tickets as an agent of the artists, organizers, venues and promoters of events such as festivals, music, comedy and sports. If you are unable to attend the booked event due to circumstances clearly set out by the company, See Tickets customer services will provide you with a refund for the unused booking through the See Ticket Refund Protection plan. The Refund Protection basically acts as an insurance cover that makes sure customers don’t suffer loss when they fail to attend a booked even for genuine reasons.

Reasons for not attending a booked event that may lead to a See Tickets refund

Not all reasons for not attending a booked event lead to a refund. The reason(s) must be very compelling. See Ticket itself has a list of reasons it considers compelling enough to warrant a refund. Apart from proving a reason for your inability to attend the booked event you will also be required to provide supporting documents that prove that the reason you have given is true. Without the documents your refund application cannot be successful. Here is a look at some of the reasons laid out by See Tickets that may prompt it to refund customers for unused event bookings.

  • An unexpected occurrence causing disruption to the public transport system on or just about the time of the booked event. Since the disruption was unexpected and just about the time of the booked event it is assumed that you didn’t have enough time to make arrangements for an alternative form of transportation to the booked event.
  • Illness, injury or even death happening to you or any other member of your immediate family. If you booked the event as a group a refund can also be made if a member of the group suffers death, injury or illness. This reason is considered legitimate if you have a doctor’s report showing your injuries or a death certificate.
  • If you are en route to the event using a private vehicle and you suffer an accident or fire or the vehicle experiences mechanical breakdown thus rendering you unable to complete the journey to the event.
  • When there is fire or burglary at your residence 48 hours immediately before the booked event. The burglary or fire must have been serious enough that it required the attendance of emergency services.
  • If you get summoned to appear before a court of law as a witness at the time of the booked event. You must have been unaware of this summon at the time of the booking.
  • If you are a member of the armed forces and you get an overseas posting unexpectedly. Like the court summon you should not have known about the posting at the time of the booking.
  • When there is adverse weather such as frost, snow, storm or fog that is so severe that the Police or a related government agency has offered travel warnings. If that is the case you will be required to provide a confirmation that the particular road to the venue of the booked event was closed by the police.
  • If at the time of the event your employer relocates you permanently for work more than 100 miles from the venue of the booked event. You must have been unaware of this relocation at the time you booked for the event.
  • You will also be refunded the face value of the booked sum in case the event is cancelled. When an event is cancelled you are notified through email about the cancellation and a refund issued to your account. This often takes between 3 to 5 days. It should be remembered that despite the cancellation of the event, your reference number will still work so you can easily follow up details of the cancellation and if there are issues you can contact customer service using the reference number.

Reasons why See Tickets may deny you a refund

Not all applications for a refund are successful. There are many reasons why See Tickets may deny you a refund. Here is a look at some of the reasons.

  • If you fail to provide relevant documentation in your application for refund. For instance you claim to have missed the event because of injuries then you will have to provide a doctor’s report proving that you suffered the injuries and that the injuries were serious enough to prevent you from attending the event.
  • If you cannot return the tickets and/or vouchers that have been unused and formed part of the booking.
  • If you were unable to attend the booked event due to circumstances that were public knowledge at the time of you made the booking. For instance if you were prevented from attending the event due to disruptions in public transport that were public knowledge at the time of the booking.
  • If you make a fraudulent or false refund application or you use fraudulent or false documents to support your refund. Moreover, if you submit your refund application more than 45 days after the event you won’t also be refunded.

How to make a refund application

To get a refund all you need to do is complete an online refund application on the See Ticket website. The refund will only be successful if you upload all the relevant documents that support your refund such a doctor’s report proving that you suffered injuries serious enough to prevent you from attending the event. Other documents that you may need to upload include death certificate, original unused tickets, a confirmation that you paid for Refund Protection and original witness summons instructing you to make a court appearance etc. Without such supporting documentation your application will be inadmissible. If you don’t want to go the online route you will have to download the refund application form from See Ticket’s website, print out and then return it via post with all the important documents supporting your refund application. Once your refund application has been received a member of the company’s refund team will contact you via mail or whatever means that are convenient to you to give you a reference number and if need be request for additional information that may be helpful in processing your refund application.

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