Returning items, cancelling & items not sent on eBay – frequently asked questions by eBay users

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eBay provides a platform for people to sell and buy products online via a marketplace that’s worth using. You can do all your shopping on eBay whether you are buying gifts to give out, shopping for holiday and it can even act as the marketplace that you use to run your whole business form. However, there may be issues that arise which normally will be referred to eBay customer service like when you don’t receive an item, when you want cancel a purchase or returning items and many more. Here are some of the issues that may arise and their possible solutions.

I've not recieved my eBay purchase - what can I do?

Open a request, Check the item in your purchase history before opening a request. If the projected delivery date hasn’t passed, the item may as well be in shipment. If the delivery date has passed, let the seller know by opening a request. It will take 8 days for sellers to respond and solve the issue. You can check the status of your request while waiting for the response and you can contact eBay customer service and ask them to help if you are not happy with the seller’s response. You will get a response in 2 days and if your request qualifies, they’ll send you a refund.

How do I open a money back guarantee?

You can open a money bank guarantee case when an item isn’t received or when an item received doesn’t match the listing description. If eBay determines that the item wasn’t successfully delivered, they will refund the full cost of the item and original postage via PayPal.

I need to track an eBay package - how can I do this?

You can use the tracking or confirmation information received on email to check the postage status of your package on the carrier’s site. Alternatively, go to my eBay, click the won link on the left side of the page, locate the package in the list, and click the tracking number to see status.

How do I cancel an eBay purchase?

You can choose to cancel a purchase if it doesn’t meet the descriptions, if its broken, or if you have changed your mind about purchasing the item.

I need an update on an existing eBay case - what do I do?

You can check the status of an existing case by selecting see case status or by going to purchase history then returns and cancelled orders then see case details.

I entered the wrong shipping address on a purchase - how can I resolve this?

If you haven’t paid for the item and the seller hasn’t sent your order yet, you can change your shipping address. If you have paid for the item, seller will ship the item to the address listed on the order details page. The item will be returned and you can contact the seller and ask them to send it to your updated address.

I need to return an eBay item - how do I do this?

Your alternatives for returning items depend on the seller’s policy, the type of the commodity you want to return and the reason behind your return. Go to My eBay, choose return an item and then choose the item you want to return, it’s that simple.

Cancelling an eBay item

To cancel a purchase, go to My eBay, open the purchase history section, find the order that you want to cancel, click on more actions, then click on cancel order. You can click on Contact seller and tell them the reason why you want to cancel.

When an eBay item is returned, who pays for the postage?

If you changes your mind after purchasing an item and wants to return it, you will need to pay return postage depending on the policy of the seller. Sellers also pay return postage if there is a problem the item.

Getting the status of a refund or a return - how can I do this?

You can check the status of a return or refund by selecting See case status or by going to purchase history then returns and cancelled orders and then see case details.

Can I return a click and collect item - is this possible?

If you need to return a click and collect item, select return item on my eBay or visit your purchase history in my eBay to initiate a return. Depending on the return policy of the seller, you will either be required to contact the seller or automatically begin the return process.

How do returns policies differ from one country to another?

Returns policy vary from one seller to another, some accept only domestic returns, some accept all returns and others don’t accept returns at all. You can the return policy for a particular item by going to the listing or contacting the seller to find out more. When returning a Global Shipping Programme item, a seller who offers to refund your original postage costs only refunds the domestic postage costs. You won’t receive a refund on import or international postage charges you paid to the shipping centre.

I need to retract an eBay bid

You can still open a return request even if the seller’s policy says they don’t accept returns. If you have changed your mind or made a mistake, you can request a return, but be aware that the seller doesn’t have to accept your return. If your purchase is damaged or doesn’t match the descriptions, you are covered by the eBay money back guarantee.

I need to cancel an eBay purchase

Retracting your bid is only possible if there are 12 or more hours left on sale. If the product description changes notably, you made errors while entering the bid or you cant reach the seller, then you can retract your bid.

I need to return an eBay item

Select return an item on my eBay and then choose the item you want to return. The seller’s policy, the reason why you want to return and what you want to return will determine your returning options. If the item is damaged, doesn’t match descriptions, you can return it regardless of the seller’s return policy. If you bought the item as a guest, you can open a return request via the order confirmation email you received.

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