P&O free upgrades – are they worth taking?

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There are many things to consider when arranging a holiday, and cruises are no exception. There are a vast array of options consisting of different companies, routes, length of holidays, size of ship and what facilities are available, such as the ones concerning dining, childcare or entertainment.

When booking a cruise, or even when arriving at the beginning of it, an upgrade may be offered. Sometimes there is an additional, perhaps discounted, cost for this, but they are sometimes provided free of charge.

Even if the upgrade offered by P&O is free, there is no obligation to accept it.

Factors that May Affect an Upgrade

A free upgrade may be offered by P&O for a number of reasons.

One possibility is that they are running some kind of promotion which gives you the opportunity to book a specific package and receive an automatic upgrade to a different one, that would usually cost more, and may not therefore be something you would usually consider booking.

The time when you book your holiday may have an impact on whether a free upgrade may be offered. This may be because you are making the booking during the time that a promotion is being advertised, but could also be for other reasons. If it is a booking made particularly early compared to many other passengers, the company may decide to offer a free upgrade in response, perhaps as an incentive for early bookings, or as a reward for making it.

Sometimes the way in which you pay can have an impact on whether a free upgrade can be provided or not. For example, a discount if you pay the full cost upfront, or an upgraded if your booking is not refundable. As this would gurantee that you would pay for the cruise, even if you were unable to go for some reason, the company may be willing to provide a free upgrade.

Choosing whether to take a P&O free upgrade

If you are a loyal customer of P&O, it may be that they decide to provide a free upgrade as a reward. Companies sometimes do this to show their customers that they are highly valued, and as a way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer.

The behaviour of other customers may have an impact on whether you are offered a free upgrade or not. If there is a lot of demand for the type of cabin you have booked, for example, you may be offered an alternative so that yours is available for someone else.

However hard a company works to meet the needs of its customers, mistakes are inevitable, as not every circumstance can be foreseen. If something does go wrong, P&O may help to recify the situation by offering a free upgrade as compensation for whatever has occurred. This may be during the currwnt holiday, or as an incentive to book one with them again in the future.

In some cases, a company might accidently double-book a cabin. In order to rectify the situation, and lessen the possibility of unsatisfied customers, one of the customers may be offered a free upgrade, if other cabins are available, to enable them to continue their holiday.

What an Upgrade May Include.

What is included in a free upgrade offered by P&O customer services will depend on the exact circumstances, the options and their availability, as well as the particular cruise that you are going on.

Examples of free upgrades include a better cabin, such as one with a balcony, access to any VIP areas, additional opportunities to eat in the best restaurants, free drinks in the bar or extra tickets to some of the entertainment on board.

Reasons to Accept a Free Upgrade

It’s free!

As it is free, you will get an increase in value for money on your holiday.

You will benefit from whatever extras are being provided, adding extra ways to make the most out of your holiday.

Reasons to Reject a Free Upgrade

Even though the upgrade is free, you have no obligation to accept it if you are not completely happy with what they are offering.

If you don’t actually want what is being offered, you may decide against accepting a free upgrade. For example, if you like the size and location of your cabin you may not be interested in having a different cabin, even if it does have additional features.

If you feel that what is being offered is not sufficient compensation for something that may have happened, you may wish to decline the upgrade and try and arrange an alternative form of compensation.

P&O may offer a free upgrade to its customers for a variety of reasons. The exact nature of the upgrade may also vary, so it os important to find out exactly what is being offered before deciding whether you would like it or not.

Whatever happens, remember to make the most out of your P&O cruise and all that it has to offer.

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