Is the Playstation Network down? Here’s how to find out.

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If you love computer gaming, you probably have used or heard about PlayStation. This is one of the most popular gaming systems that has been offering an array of games to lovers of gaming across the world. The company has been in the business for more than one decade and in this period they have released several versions of the software and console, so there are chances you could be using a version that was released several years ago. As much as you could enjoy an immersive gaming experience through the PlayStation console, you could also from time to time encounter challenges.

One of the challenges that have been barring players from executing their strategies is issues with network. Sometimes the PlayStation network dips into problems and those who are not familiar with such cases will tend to believe their machines are the culprit. Identifying when the network is down is vital as this saves you the frustration that comes with losing your records due to poor connections. Here is a guide that allows you to know when the PlayStation is down and the steps you can take to safeguard your progress while enjoying different games.

Why the PlayStation network is down

Although many people might want to blame PlayStation for network outage, this could be something emanating from third parties linked to the company. Many people attempt to contact Playstation customer services when the PSN is down. There are instances where major network companies get denial of service attacks and this affects others who use their network to host services. In 2016, this happened and PlayStation was one of the companies affected by the lack of connections to servers. Players could not retrieve data or play their favourite games over the network because the database of the company could not be accessed.

Whenever network issues arise, you will notice uproar online especially on the social media accounts of PlayStation. So, before you panic thinking your machine is the suspect, you should also check on the Facebook and Twitter pages of PlayStation to know if the issue is widespread. Players will also pinpoint the extent to which the network has affected their games and with this information you can easily plan how to exit to avoid losing your history. Also make sure you are a frequent visitor to popular platforms that host gamers to learn all you need about PlayStation.

Apart from external factors, there could be massive issues in the servers of PlayStation itself. This can happen especially when there are bugs or errors that have to be removed or during maintenance, in which case PlayStation will offer an official statement citing the problem they are trying to fix. If you are experiencing problems with connection and you are sure your network provider is not the issue, you should contact PlayStation to see if the problem extends to their end. Through this, you could also get a comprehensive report of what had transpired. However, the issues noted on network outages don’t last for a lot period unless there is a major problem that has to be worked on. If you are patient enough you could hold your horses for several hours before resuming enjoying your games.

How to check network status

There are several ways of checking the status of connection to the PlayStation servers. You could perform the simple check where you can head to the console’s “Setting” then select “Network” after which you should click the “View Status of PlayStation Network Services”. You will be able to know whether the system is down. However, sometimes you have to conduct further checks as this could be offering basic information that does not necessarily reflect the real picture about the connection.

After checking through the console, head over to the PlayStation web browser then load a page that displays different PSN services. On this page, you will be able to see information on whether the service is running, which includes a list of all features that may be facing difficulties reaching the servicers. It also offers up-to-date information about Sony’s response on the potential issues you should be aware of.

Alternatives you could consider

In the meantime, before PlayStation fixes a network issue, you could use another service to enjoy different games. If you are the type of people who value exploration, then you will find it interesting to try out different services similar to PlayStation. One of the platforms you could use is Sony Vista, which comes with great graphics and a fairly good catalogue of games and solid compatibility with different Sony devices. The device can also be synced with the PS3 and PS4 systems, so you will still get a chance to enjoy the games available on PlayStation. It is also easy to use and built to withstand extreme gaming activities.

Another option you could embrace to feed your thirst for gaming when PlayStation network goes down is Project Shield. This is a Nvidia brain-child and the little handheld gadget runs the Jelly Bean OS and accepts all the favourite Android titles you could ever imagine. Apart from offering you different Android games, the console is also made to allow you to stream PC titles from your laptop or desktop computer remotely. You don’t need to worry about dealing with wires everywhere while plying because the Shield offers you a modern gaming experience that could trigger you to retain the gadget longer even after moving back to PlayStation.

The last awesome alternative you could embrace whenever PlayStation experiences network issues is Nintendo Wii-U. The controller offers unique features that are awesome to use and powerful. Many experts will agree that the console deserves more than it gets because its technology is just futuristic and an amazing creation that makes gaming more interesting. It is appealing in all aspects including its hardware and software, so you will find a good way to drown your sorrows whenever PlayStation shows signs of connections going down or the system returning weak signals. You will not regret getting this as an alternative to your PlayStation.

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