Paying for items on eBay – frequently asked questions by eBay users

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In order to pay for an item on EBay, or even bid on an item the first thing you’ll need is a buyer account. The main way of paying for items on EBay are PayPal, credit cards and debit cards (unless you use vouchers or Nectar points). This is because other ways of paying tend to either compromise accounts, or using a postal order for instance, means you need to pay an extra fee, though you still may use it if you wish. Other ways include by cheque and bank to bank transfers, but these are restricted.

What way would you suggest paying for an eBay purchase?

The only real exception is cars which many people pay by COD – Cash on Delivery. Note that you aren’t covered by EBay’s guarantee if you do this. It is best that you save your PayPal details on your account so that you can use PayPal every time you pay by just one click. Note however that if you wish to change which bank account feeds your PayPal account you will need to do that before the sale. It is always a good idea to check this before even bidding for an item, though uncertainty on winning the item mean people tend to wait until the auction is over.

What are the advantages of paying on eBay with PayPal?

You are protected by a money back guarantee by EBay when you pay by PayPal.

I am unable to pay for an item, what can I do?

If you find that you can’t physically pay for a specific item, check your PayPal account or credit card details to make sure they are correct. Note that if there is an hourglass icon next to the payment on your PayPal account it shows that payment is pending. It will clear in a few days provided you have money in your account. You may need to contact Ebay to talk about your issues.

What will happen if I delay payment?

If you delay payment the seller may open an unpaid item case against you. This is due to a breach of contract, you said you would pay and yet to do so. The way to close an unpaid item is to pay the amount or to agree that the sale may be cancelled. It is best to contact your seller as soon as you can. If you chose to appeal the case rather than pay an EBay representative will judge whether you are in the right.

Can I combine eBay purchases?

To combine purchases you need to enter “Pay Now” and “Pay All Sellers”. On the other hand you may chose to only pay for one of your items on your visit. Please note that some sellers do not accept multiple payments, it is always best to check so you know how much you are paying.

How can I use a giftcard on eBay?

To use a gift card, voucher or certificate you need to enter the redemption code in the appropriate box before check out and press “Apply”. Note that only one voucher etc can be used during a purchase. If the code fails check the expiration date or enter the code again. The difference between the voucher and the item’s price must be paid via PayPal. Also vouchers can’t be transferred from one EBay account to another.

Can I use Nectar points on eBay? How?

In order to spend your Nectar Points on EBay your Nectar account and your EBay account needs to be linked. You can only redeem Nectar points when you have been credited 500 points. You can points for every £1 you spend on the site.

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