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In a company like Talkmobile that is selling products and services, it is important to take note on how to reach your clients and how the clients reach you also.

Many companies nowadays use the social media to interact with their clients and communicate through out to make sales increase, change and improve systems and also get to a wider geographical area. This is called a customer service tactic.

Good Talkmobile customer service creates loyal customers and can even refer to other customers who may be friends,relatives,collegues.but apart from that there is a need to create the thought they get when the customers get in touch with you and how to improve it in the long run.

Talkmobile should make sure they have this features in the company for the customer service. This can be done through:

  •  Knowing your product inside out- this is in what you sell, how the products work, frequent asked questions by the clients, and how to answer question in a straight forward way.
  • Be warm and friendly when calling the Talkmobile contact number  -To make the customer feel needed and welcome to the products you offer this can make one make a decision as the reception provided uplifts them.
  • Be thankful-As the customer finishes with the buying, questioning or complaining, it is important for the company to be thankful for appreciation and even because for instance they could be knowledgeable on what to improve and offer for client needs.
  • Train staff-The people concerned with talking to the client should be trained on how to respond to questions, interact thought the whole experience. Treating them well and respectful with a desire of making them walk away happy and glad.
  • Listening what the clients are saying and what they are communicating non-verbally and direct tells a lot about the company as the changes needed to be done will be clear. Also responding to all enquiries so that clients don’t feel ignored. It’s also important to respond quickly to all inquiries, even if it is only to say you are looking into the issue and will be back in touch. Some response is always better than none so the customer doesn’t feel ignored.
  • Asking for feedback-this allows the company to know how their products are fairing. This can be in form of questionnaires, comments in the social media, getting reviews in the websites. This helps in the identification of problems and adjusting changes

The company also has to come up with channels to be used by clients in order to reach them. There are many social media channels that can be used in advertising, contacting, communicating, displaying, and reviewing all about company’s product. In the case of the mobile talk, it is necessary for them to be at per with the changing technology as time goes.

Many social media products include, , ,emailing using Gmail, yahoo URL’s, LinkedIn.

Other forms of communications can be using telephone numbers where call centre can be created to ensure calls are received promptly without delay.

Integrating the social media – like Talkmobile have done with their Twitter and Facebook – and physical customer care will enable the whole institution to improve and make greater sales bigger in the long run.

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