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Octagon Insurance offers insurance packages for cars, private vans and commercial vans. The company has different offers that customers can embrace to protect their vehicles from perils, but due to the complexities that come with insurance policies, many people find themselves in the mix trying to understand the offers presented before them. This could lead to many questions and before buying any insurance from the company, one can contact them to get an overview of what the jargon used in their terms refers to. To reach Octagon Insurance for assistance, you have a number of options including calling them and sending emails.

However, some options are not as reliable as others and you might need to choose what can serve you within a shorter period of time. Whether you are reporting an error or a violation, you should opt for the fastest channel possible. Remember delaying sending information to an insurance agency could lower your chances of getting compensation, so choose the shortest route of communication.

Using social media channels

Just like many other companies, Octagon Insurance is also on Facebook and you can reach the company for assistance whenever you need support urgently. Some people might argue that sending an email would be more convenient, but this is not necessarily the best choice considering you have to wait longer than when you opt for channels like Facebook.

To get a response faster when you use Facebook, it may not be advisable to post on the wall of the company – a call to the Octagon Insurance contact number may be a better option. The company values its reputation and getting many complaints from users that are not attended to is one of the things they would not want to happen. They will make sure the information you present is reviewed within the shortest period possible to deliver a solution. If the information you want to share is sensitive, you can inbox the company.

Another social platform you can use online to reach the support representatives of Octagon Insurance is their Twitter platform. Just tag their handle when posting your query and the company will receive a notification. Considering that Twitter is a platform that can make a topic to go viral within few minutes, the company will not take it for granted to answer your call. They will promptly respond to your questions and help you settle any challenges you could be encountering. Therefore, if you are looking to report about motor insurance or any insurance related issues you could be facing, using social media to reach Octagon Insurance is a perfect idea.

Scope of problems

Many things can force you to resort to posting information to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Octagon Insurance. This could include lack of commitment on the part of the company especially whenever you visit their offices. Sometimes when making claims a company could extend the process and inconvenience you, so if this is one of the issues you would like to present, then it would be ideal to use social media, which gets them to act faster.

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