When does my MOT expire? How to find out online

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A MOT test is a yearly test of vehicles that checks roadworthiness, safety and other aspects like emissions. Every vehicle is assigned a rating and you are required to conduct the test immediately the MOT expires. Many people forget to check their MOT status and this raises issues with the authorities including risking huge fines. Therefore, you should make sure you have the right status on your vehicle to avoid falling in the harsh hands of the authorities. There are about 20,100 garages in the Great Britain that facilitate MOT testing, so getting your car checked is something that will take you few hours because you don’t need to travel away from your state to get it checked.

Check MOT status online

The online MOT status search process is automated through a system where you can confirm the status of your vehicle. If you forget frequently, you need to check for a system that allows you to set up a reminder, and there are many of these websites that offer you an easy way to manage your tests by setting up your account and updating information about your car. You could have your car checked regularly for the factors required, but updating your MOT status is necessary as this ensures you don’t create enmity between you and the authorities.

With websites like motremind.me, you are able to even see the last MOT you conducted and the information you shared during that period. You will be in a position to understand when the MOT will be running out and this allows you to plan well for the future. Don’t panic or spend sleepless night trying to call the authorities to check your MOT status because you can complete everything online with a simple search process.

Things you should know

First introduced in 1960, MOT inspection has been under the Ministry of Transport. The test was meant to ensure the vehicles released to join roads are in fairly good condition and don’t pose a threat to the environment due to emissions, so having your vehicle checked could also increase your safety and possibly allow you to enjoy a peaceful driving experience. At the beginning, few items were listed under the MOT test but over the years, this list has been expanded to accommodate changes that have occurred with time.

For example, when the program was launched the authorities did not focus much on emissions but with the development of efficient technology, they now consider the emission status of a vehicle, which is a perfect idea that helps to protect the environment. Every vehicle belongs to a test class and you are charged depending on the class your vehicles belongs. These classes run all the way from class I (includes motorcycles) to class VI (public service vehicles).

There are vital parts of your car that could invalidate your MOT qualifications. These include faulty seat belts, bad braking system, tires and wheels. These are safety features that must be checked regularly and any lack of care could endanger the life of both the driver and other users of the road. So, basically a MOT test is in the best interest to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and that you get the protection needed to prevent the occurrence of accidents on the roads. Once you meet the minimal safety and environmental requirements, you will not need to worry about getting fined by the inspection authorities. Just comply by setting up a reminder to ensure you submit the needed information in time.

Before buying

Most vehicles on sale are in fairly good condition and the owners just want to upgrade, but there are cases where someone opts to sell due to issues like failures in the systems of the vehicle and the person just wants to transfer the frustrations to someone else. Using the information supplied by the authorities could help you to understand the history of the vehicle. Other cases involving theft are documented and you could easily find out by submitting the chassis and engine number of the vehicles listed.

You need to protect yourself from fraudsters who are out to earn through deceit – if you are worried, call the DVLA phone number immediately. Make sure you get a full report of the MOT tests the vehicles conducted and use this information to decide whether it would be a good buy. In case there are many issues with the car, you should try to look for a different deal because despite being affordable, some cars are a liability you would not want to embrace especially when you are looking for a vehicle that can serve your needs fully. Also involve experts in the search process to ensure all the aspects of ownership you check are in line with the quality standards that can allow you to make the perfect choice.

Additionally, confirm that the information available on the log book is what the car is made of. Some people do swaps of parts or changes in the car but fail to update the same on their log books, so when the time to sell the car comes, they are not able to explain how some parts don’t match what the log book says. This is especially true about the engine and you need to pay attention to such parts since buying a car that has defects could cost you a lot to restore it to working condition.

Servicing in time

The best way to ensure you don’t fall victim of the penalties applied due to MOT failure is to adhere to servicing requirements. Keep your vehicle in the best condition and you will have nothing to worry about. Remember the test is to detect the defects that could prevent your vehicle from performing well and you are able to get more if you can adhere to servicing guidelines as recommended by the authorities. In fact, you don’t need to wait for someone to tell you to service your vehicle because having it in perfect condition benefits you more than anyone else, so just observe servicing guidelines to the letter.

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