Lost Boots Advantage Card – how can I get a replacement?

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Loosing a rewards card can be frustrating, especially when you are on the threshold of reward redemptions or you’ve accumulated a certain number of points and you’ve been saving them for a certain goal. It may even be a while before you realise that you’ve lost or misplaced your rewards card, but as with all cards, companies and including Boots are able to provide replacements and cancel missing ones as soon as they have been contacted.

The process of attaining a replacement card can at times be tiresome, especially at peak periods throughout the year – the same times that people phone the Boots phone number the most. It is believed that during the summer months there is an increase of card loss and theft, so before attempting the replacement process it is always important that you retrace your steps – you never know, it could be in the most unlikely of places.

If you do decide that retracing your steps is of no use and have decided that a replacement card is in order, then contacting your provider is the next step. Boots are on hand to provide essential assistance in these circumstances, so the sooner you mention your Boots Advantage card situation, the quicker a Boots representative is able to handle your request. As with all varieties of reward cards, the quicker you mention its loss, the higher chance of protection you have against someone using your card fraudulently.

Many individuals find themselves signing up to a Boots Advantage card because of the many benefits, the Advantage card works when you spend a certain amount of money in-store or online with Boots using cash, credit or debit and for each pound spent with Boots, 4 points are received on the Advantage card. Overtime and with regular use the Advantage points can be redeemed for products in Boots, or can be split using part points and part credit, debit or cash to purchase a particular items. It’s a great system if you are a regular customer of Boots, as you not only receive points for your regular custom, but also discount codes and money-off voucher are also provided on a regular basis. The Boots Advantage card is a free rewards card for customers, and can be gained by signing up in-store or online. A Boots Advantage card is one of the most popular and most used rewards card, it has one of the best points system and continues to develop its system to retain customers.

This is why Boots ensures that their customer service line for lost Advantage cards is up to scratch.

There isn’t a need to prepare endless pieces of information when choosing to contact your rewards card company, it is a simple dial-up process that takes a mere few minutes to be apart of. Boots have a dedicated Advantage card helpline, the process is very straightforward and requires you as the card owner to identify yourself through a series of questions. Each question is based around your account and you as the user; the majority of questions will be what you would have provided during the initial signup process. Knowing your Boots Advantage card number or account number will help speed up the process, but there isn’t a need to worry if you are unable to attain that information. It is however helpful if you can remember the last transaction on your card, whether that be the product(s) bought, the value or the date bought. All these pieces of information vitally help Boots representatives clarify correctly whether you are the cardholder, which in turn ensures that they are able to send out a replacement Advantage card as soon as possible.

The Boots Advantage card customer service line is open seven days a week, between the hours of 8am – 6pm. However, if the option of contacting Boots via phone isn’t available for you, then accessing the Boots website; www.boots.com/en/Advantage-Card or sending an email to; Boots.customercare_team@boots.co.uk are also alternatives to contacting Boots via phone.

You can contact Boots by dialing (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 902 8188, this number is only for customers to use when they have lost their Boots Advantage card, no other help will be provided through this line. An alternative number for Boots lost cards is (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0311 – the same help will be provided through this number. Boots prides itself on its ability to provide customers with the best support possible, so whichever number you choose to contact Boots to receive a replacement card, you can be sure that the support will be the same.

When finally requesting a new Boots Advantage card it is usually sent out immediately and received within a week. The Advantage card will be sent to the address registered with the previous card, if any changes are to be made, it is important that they are updated during your new card request.

Boots are a company that is there to provide customers with the best possible support, and they are not only available on telephone and via email, but also through social media. You can contact Boots on their Twitter account – twitter.com/BootsHelp or via their Facebook page – 20. They are accessible seven days a week, but their hours differ slightly from their usual telephone contact hours.

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