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DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a vehicle and driver licensing agency of the government of the UK that is responsible for keeping a database of drivers in the Great Britain as well as the vehicles registered in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1965, the agency has also been a key reference point for other agencies like ones that deal with insurance and loans. People looking to keep their records clean have to comply with all the regulations issued by the agency. One can also monitor their information through the agency since all the mistakes a driver makes are recorded.

While searching for vehicle ownership, you could use the online platform of DVLA, but sometimes when the system is down you can resort to other options like contacting the agency through social media. With the advent of social media, virtually all companies opened social media accounts that help them to connect with their audience. DVLA answers all the queries presented by users through their online platforms. You are able to access support and at a faster speed than if you chose to email the agency.

Use of social media pages

Just like several other agencies in the government, the DVLA contact number team maintains several social media accounts. One of the accounts through which you can access easy support from DVLA is through the Twitter profile of the agency. DVLA posts frequently about important things every driver should know and you can tweet directly to them with a hint of what you would like resolved. Typically, posts made to the company through Twitter receive a response faster than when you use other social sites. In case you have grievances you feel the company is trying to ignore, you can tag their handle and this will prompt them to act since bad publicity is not something such an institution would like to earn.

The second option that you can embrace that is also effective is taking to Facebook. DVLA maintains an active Facebook page where people can access support. The team tasked with handling the issues raised is available throughout the day on all weekdays, and they respond to queries within few minutes. The benefit you get for accessing support through Facebook is that you can extend the conversation to learn more about the policies the company offers and suggests every driver to adhere to. Additionally, you can easily check the state of a car you are about to buy through the Facebook page of DVLA.

Some users who make it to Facebook to share their frustrations on some services post directly to the wall of the agency, and this sparks a conversation from other users. Consequently, the agency is forced to offer a solution to avoid further damage on their reputation. You can as well embrace such an approach to trigger support representatives to act on your case. Additionally, you can take advantage of posts by commenting with a highlight of the issue you would like addressed and within few hours the company should offer an answer.

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