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Autonet is one of the best established insurance agencies in the United Kingdom that has been on the forefront offering affordable and unique packages that target various categories of users. The company has been brokering insurance since inception in 1998 and its success story is an inspiration that other companies can borrow to boost growth. It gradually grew and today is ranked as the biggest insurance broker in UK with a turnover of over £130 million. People who use the insurance service offered by the company also at some instances encounter challenges and they have to resort to calling for support.

To reach the support team of Autonet, you can opt for different channels. Some of the common methods used by clients include emailing and calling, but these are not as reliable these days, especially considering the use of social media has made things more transparent and enhanced responsiveness. Handling some challenges like lack of feedback from the representatives of the company to handle your case could be easy if one takes to social media or platforms that place the company in the limelight. Every company fears soiling the reputation earned over many years and this is the weakness you should exploit while contacting Autonet.

Social platforms to use

There are many social platforms today and virtually all companies run accounts in one of the available social sites. These companies have followers ranging from few hundreds to millions, so this is a perfect platform that can allow you to air your issues for a quick response. One of the platforms that have proved effective for contacting Autonet is Facebook.

While on the profile of the company, you can post directly to their wall – not as quick as getting in touch with the Autonet Insurance contact number, but close. This means the information is made public and many people can see it. The company would not like to have many unanswered complaints on their public account, so they will make effort to resolve whatever issues you have. Another way you can push them to act is commenting on their posts with information about the challenges you are facing. With these options, you will have a response within just few hours and you can extent the chat to learn more about how you can benefit from their offers.

After posting on Facebook you should then proceed to their Twitter account to also share your rant. Post on their page and ensure you mention their handle to send a notification to the support team. Many companies understand that twitter is a powerful platform where any slight mistake can be shared among millions within few hours. Therefore, posting on the twitter account of the company will force them to act on your case and probably show their regret that what you are facing happened.

Don’t just stress yourself making follow ups through emails if the representatives of the company are not responsive. It would be ideal to just proceed to social media to rant about the problem they are ignoring or the defects in service you have noted.

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