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In the tourism and hospitality industry, service is the main agenda and crucial factor to consider. This depends on how the customer service is taken seriously. Even in research activities, professionals shared highlights of training and improving skills to encourage customers to expect the best in their services depending on how the staff will provide quality services to the clients. The level and scope of customer service is crucial as a client may prefer one company to the other just by the way it is being displayed. In this case things like attitude, pacing of orders provided can influence the theory of the higher the client satisfaction the higher the returns to the company in the long run. Based on this knowledge, it is therefore important to know what factors to consider for the effective customer services.

These include:

Training the staff-this is important in order to increase competence and to create quality service and meeting the company’s objectives Customer orientation-this can be in behaviours, beliefs, character that it portrays a high value service to the clients can increase the clientele.

Getting in touch with P&O

Reliability-this explains the level of service as being constant and continuous.

Trust worthy –the ability to convey the trust to the clients matters as they are giving you their money in return for a worthy service.

Responsiveness-helping the clients and provide prompt service along with the caring for the staff that they provide to customers goes a long way – which is why the P&O contact number is so popular with their client.
Getting in touch with the customers should have a strategy for management to increase a life time value to the customers. A relationship is maintained through some steps that include:

Visiting a website and leaving details to receive information

Any company – including P&O – takes the keyed in details way from the start by welcoming the clients, personalizing their booking according to how they want them to be and follow through till the end of the visit. Keeping in check even after the visit is over is a plus for the company also gives out a good word to other new clients.

Keeping a loyalty reward for the frequent guests and identifying them, keeping a relationship among them is a way of attracting the clients often as they feel like they are part of it. Service recovery-Compensation for mistakes is a good way to keep clean tabs on the company .handling a complain therefore should be put in consideration. Apologies, a solution can be made, compensation and following up on how the concerns have been put in place is an advantage to the company as some clients not receiving that may change options and that’s loosing business.

Reaching the clients can also be in a social media approach. This is the modern way of marketing and getting in touch with the clients far and wide. It has no restrictions at all and it’s fast and covers a wide geographical area. Most of the people are connected to the social media and by promoting pages a company can reach many clients and later get calls, message on how they can get the services needed. Some of the social pages can be Facebook, and

Finally, a p&o company needs to only know that customer service only needs clientele understanding, recognizing the needs of the customers. The simple actions like being friendly, smiling, using their name tells customers that the company values them a great deal. Apart from that making sure awareness for the services are always on is a way to show clients that there is remarkable services being offered.

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