Are my eBay seller fees too high?

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In today’s economy, making a little bit of extra cash is something that is seriously welcome. As many other websites have started in the time since Ebay went live, it is a surprise that they have managed to maintain such a huge grasp on the market, and continuously have the largest market share in online selling. That said, it isn’t without it’s problems. Rising postal prices and slowing economic growth are one of the reasons that eBay selling has become more expensive in the last few years. Going from being the online version of a car bootsale, it is now something that is a little bit more hassle than just logging on and selling your stuff. One of the main things that has caused topic of conversation for the last few years are eBay selling fee’s. A lot of people have taken to online forums to complain that eBay customer services are pricing themselves out of the market, but how can you really tell that your seller fee’s are unreasonably high?

 Breakdown what you are being charged for

As a large, reputable company, one thing eBay are good at is ensuring they follow procedure. Ebay will often send an email when they change anything to do with pricing or seller fee’s, but there are also a few things you can do yourself to find out if you are being charged fee’s too high for eBay selling.

 Read the policies

When we sign up to things online, it is very easy to just blank out all of the terms and conditions, hit the ground running and then wonder why we have been charged for certain things. That box you tick when you sign up carries a lot of weight. If you agree to it, essentially you have to live with it. Read eBays terms and conditions and policies before you start selling. It may end up being that for the type and size of the products you want to sell, eBay just isn’t for you as it will not be worth your while when you have the fee’s taken out before you get the money from the product.

 Research postage

Ebay now have a very handy function where they work out the postage prices for you, but this doesn’t always mean they are right. If you end up putting a standard postage charge on then paying more you will be out of pocket. The only way you can avoid undervaluing your postage costs if by knowing roughly how much you should be charging. One way to do this is to research websites like Parcelforce just to get an idea of the costs.

 Are my costs too high for images?

You can generally use one image on eBay before you get charged, and most how to’s for eBay selling tell you absolutely not to do this, and to have as many images as possible. Although this is proven to work, it means your eBay fee’s will be really high. Charging for images is one of the main ways eBay actually turns a profit, and they are known to ramp these up quite a lot from time to time. If you want to keep your fee’s down, you could look at using one image and using a lot more descriptive language. If people have a genuine interest, they will soon message you and ask.

 Check your breakdown every month

The great thing about eBay is that even though it does incur costs, when you pay a monthly invoice for your seller fee’s, it doesn’t actually add up to much. This is both a good and a bad thing. Unfortunately small amounts mean you are a lot less likely to check the actual breakdown and find out if you are being charged for something you shouldn’t be. Always ensure you match up the charge to how much you thought the listing would cost, and ask eBay about any discrepancies.

 How can I keep my eBay costs down?

Being such a big player in the market, there are not a lot of things anyone can do to try and persuade eBay to lower their fee’s. Unfortunately as much as fee’s rise, people will still use them. There are a few tricks of the trade to keep fee’s to a minimum.

 Take advantage of offers

Once you sign up with eBay, they will often send you offers that give you discount on listings. If the item you are selling doesn’t need to go urgently, try and wait for these and then list all of your items in one go taking advantage of the offer. Ebay often offer free placements over the course of a couple of days, so try and have everything in place so you can go on an uploading spree during one of these.

 Think about images

For certain items, extra pictures are needed, especially to show ones with a bit of wear and tear. But for incredibly generic items, there really is no need to push up costs for yourself for no reason. One thing eBay will not charge you for is a longer description, so think about how much the product can be described with text if you only use one picture.

 Don’t be tricked into needing ‘extra’s

As one of its better known services, eBay offers a few different little extra’s on a free listing which they charge you for. one of these is the popular reserve price or buy it now. While these are great tools to actually shift your item, if you are not prepared for it to go to the highest bidder and want a set price, maybe you would be better with a free listing on Gumtree. Do not let yourself get tricked into extras you don’t need.

 What to do is my eBay seller fee’s are too high?

Contact eBay as soon as you notice any discrepancies. You may only have a certain time period to dispute these.

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