eBay postage issues – frequently asked questions about eBay postage

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When you have a problem or question with eBay UK customer services it can be confusing and sometimes you can be ensure about what you need to do. This is a guide with everything you need to know to do with eBay postage queries.

Basics of Postage for Sellers

Before posting a listing to eBay you need to know the basics of postage. First of all, it is vital that you choose the correct postage options. This is essential because when somebody purchases from you they will choose a postage option. This will tell them how much they need to pay for postage and how long it will take for them to receive the item. You also need to decide whether or not you will be offering international shipping.

How does Return Postage work?

You can choose whether or not you want to accept returns. As a seller, if you accept returns your customer can receive a refund if they believe there is a problem with their item or they decide they don’t want it. This involves them sending the item back to the seller. Sellers only pay for return postage if there is an issue with the item (doesn’t match description, broken, etc).

Estimating Postage Costs

eBay makes it relatively easy to estimate postage costs. You can buy or print postage labels on eBay. You just enter the weight of the package and it will accurately calculate costs and give you a postage label. You can estimate costs before a purchase by using this guide depending on which parcel company you use[1].

Offering Combined Postage Discounts

Postage discounts are available depending on your choice of carrier. You need to offer at least one postage option to be eligible to use these discounts. More information is in the link in the previous section. When it comes to global shipping combined postage discounts are not available. However a discount will be applied to some of the delivery.

Printing or voiding postage labels

In a previous section of this guide postage labels were mentioned. In order to receive postage labels you need to print them out. You don’t need anything fancy, you just need a normal printer. Just navigate to the ‘reprint label’ page of your eBay. On the other hand, if you need to void your label the is extremely simple too. Just go to the ‘shipping label completed page’. From there you will be able to void your postage label. You need to do this within 48 hours.

Buyer is in a Country you don’t Post to

You are able to choose which companies you choose to ship to through eBay. Nevertheless, if someone purchases your listing from a country you don’t wish to post to you should get in contact with them immediately. They may pay for any extra shipping costs, allowing you to ship to them with no losses. If not this will also enable you to cancel the order.

Using the Global Shipping Programme to sell to International Buyers

The Global Shipping Programme is an extremely handy tool for eBay sellers and is something vital to know about before selling on eBay. When selling items online, it can be a hassle to ship to other countries. There are a plethora of extra costs so it can seem like its not worth the hassle. However, this programme is completely on the contrary to normal international shipping. It is as easy and efficient as domestic shipping. You just post your item to the UK shipping centre and the rest is done for you.

What Buyers Should know about Postage

First of all, you should be aware of the variety of shipping options. It may be tempting to pick the cheap option. However, you should look at shipping times and safety and take everything into account. eBay has a postage tracking service meaning you can keep watch on your item from this moment you purchase it. This is extremely helpful in making sure your package isn’t lost.

Updating your delivery address

Updating your delivery address using eBay is extremely simple. Just navigate to ‘my eBay’ and click on ‘addresses’. From there you will easily be able to update your delivery address. You can also change a plethora of personal information from the ‘my eBay’ page. So if you need to change your phone number or another piece of personal information it can be easily done so there.

Returning an item purchased from a seller in another country

International returns are not particularly different from domestic ones. Depending on the sellers return policy either you or the seller will pay for the returned item. However, if the item you wish to return is damaged or does not fit the description you will not have to pay for the return fees and will be hastily issued a refund. If the seller does not cooperate you can always ask eBay to step in. If a refund isn’t issued within 6 days you can contact eBay. They will then help you receive your refund. Always be aware of store policies because sellers can easily refuse you a return/refund depending on their store policies.

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