eBay buying basics – frequently asked questions by eBay users

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eBay is one of the most popular buying and selling sites in the world, with millions of customers using it everyday. If you are new to the world of eBay, or simply want to know more about using this service, then carry on reading! You can contact the eBay UK phone number very easily, or simply read below for the essential guide to buying items on eBay.

Buying basics – paying for your order

Many individuals worry about paying for goods that they have purchased online. They often don’t know the buying process, or how they should pay. Buying and paying for items on eBay is fairly straightforward. You will need a PayPal account, but again, setting up this account and using it is very easy. It is also free. Be sure to double check the item that you wish to buy, and the price, before you click on the Pay Now icon. There are other payment options available for you to choose from, but PayPal is the safest and preferred payment option.

How does eBay bidding work?

As well as being able to pay for sale items, eBay also works by customers ‘bidding’ for items over an allocated timeframe. The individual who places the highest bid will ‘win’. Bidding is a fairly easy process. To be abs to place a bid, you will need to click on the Select Bid icon. This will be located on the sales page of had item you wish to buy. You will then be able to enter the amount that you wish to bid for and then you need to select the Place Bid option.

How can I retract a bid on eBay?

What do you do if you have placed a bid but then change your mind? How do you retract a bid? Can you retract a bid? If there are more than 12 hours left to bid, then you’re in luck, as you might have the option to retract your bid. However, you can only do so if you have incorrectly entered an amount, such as £400 instead of £40, or if the product description has completely changed to the original description that you read. If there are less than 12 hours left, and you want to retract your bid, then your only option is to contact the seller, to see if they are willing to retract the bid for you.

Can I bid on eBay as a guest?

To place a bid you do need to be a registered user. But, you can buy items under the Buy it Now umbrella. This is available to all non account holders, as you simply use the guest checkout area for such transactions. To be able to bid and leave feedback you will need to have a registered eBay account. The great news is that as a guest you are allowed to track your items, contact the seller directly via email and to return items.

How can I use the eBay click & collect service?

As a registered user you are allowed to use eBays Click & Collect. This enables you to collect your bought item from a venue and date that suits your needs. You have a maximum of 7 days in which to collect your purchase.

How can I leave feedback on another eBay user? How do I receive eBay feedback?

Feedback is incredibly important to sellers as it helps to share with other buyers the qualities of that service, good and bad. That is the reason why eBay encourages users to leave feedback once they have received their purchase. The rating yo can give will be either neutral, positive or negative, followed by a brief comment about their product and service. To do so you simply have to select the Leave Feedback option.

Can I change or remove eBay feedback?

The sad news is that if you post feedback to a seller and then wish to either change or remove that feedback, then doing so is a little difficult. The only way of changing your review (in most cases changing a negative to a neutral or positive review), is to contact the seller directly and ask them to send you a revision form. eBay will not allow you to delete feedback, only to change it.

Is buying a vehicle from eBay motors any different?

Surprisingly, you are able to buy vehicles from eBay, that have strict guidelines on what you should do to make such a purchase. Firstly, you should throughly research the seller and read all feedback that has been given. You must also thoroughly check the vehicle history, by using eBay's free Vehicle history report checker. eBay do have an online tutorial about buying vehicles with then, so be sure to watch this before placing any kind of bid.

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