Common eBay seller issues – frequently asked questions by eBay sellers

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Using eBay as a tool to promote your business and make sales? Clearing out your garage of things that are not being used? We all know how it feels to have too much stuff, stuff we need to get rid of, or just stuff we want to sell! This is why so many people need to call the eBay UK number on a day to day basis - but our FAQs may be able to help.

As much as contacting eBay is pretty straight forward to use sometimes things come up whereupon we need some help and contacting customer services on the phone is not always the right option. So here is your essential guide to some of those common questions you might have when using your eBay account to your sell goods.

eBay won't let me list an item - why?

Ebay has listing and selling allowances that fall into three main categories; Account-based selling allowances, Category-based listing allowances and Item-based listing allowances. If you cannot list an item it is likely you have reached the permitted threshold based on your account. You will receive an email as you reach the threshold on your account which will advise you how many listings remain for the month. Further some items are not allowed on ebay as they are restricted or prohibited. Or more typically you may have listed in a way which is not permitted. Again ebay will email you and advise what the issue with your submission is.

How can I increase my seller limit on eBay?

You can increase your selling allowances, depending on how your account has performed and your ebay rating.

Can I block buyers/bidders on eBay?

Blocking a bidder or buyer You can block up to 5000 bidders ids from your listings. Just enter the ids you wish to block and click submit.

What do I do if the buyer hasn't paid?

Buyer didn’t pay. (Unpaid item) If a listing is not paid and you cannot resolve or get a response from the buyer you can open an unpaid item case. You should wait for two days from the conclusion of the listing before opening a case. Ensure your report the issue within 32 days otherwise it will be assumed that the item has been paid for.

Can I appeal a decision?

Appealing the decision on a case If you are unhappy with a case decision then you can appeal. You have 30 days to appeal and need to provide the relevant case details; tracking numbers for proof of delivery and photos or documents to prove the items were correctly picked. You can start an appeal on your seller dashboard. Look for the appropriate case and choose ‘send us an appeal’ Ebay will then review the case and come back to you with a decision on your appeal.

My listing has been taken down - what can I do?

If a listing is prohibited or restricted it may be removed however you will receive an email describing what the issue with your listing is, giving you an opportunity to revise it.

How can I find things on eBay?

Finding items in search Click the ‘help’ function at the top menu of your screen in your ebay browser. You will see a search box. Type in your query, press the search icon, and you will be directed to the appropriate support narrative.

How do a I contact an eBay buyer?

Contacting a buyer On the right hand side of your listing you will see a link to ‘more actions’ click this and you will open up a browser in order to send a message to your buyer.

I need to report an issue to eBay

Report an issue with a buyer Open up account settings at the top left of the screen, where it says ‘hello’ and your name. Look down the menu on your left and you will see ‘Report and service tools’ the option to report a buyer sits under this menu.

How can I update my PayPal settings on eBay?

Update PayPal settings Open up account settings at the top left of the screen, where it says ‘hello’ and your name. Look down the menu on your left and you will see ‘Paypal settings’ click this and you will be taken to three options of which updating is the third.

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