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Playstation: 0843 504 7726

Calls to (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 numbers cost 7ppm plus your network access charges. We are in no way affiliated with any organisation listed on this directory. We offer a call forwarding service, and consumer advice

playstation-contact-numberEver since the video game was developed, companies have come out with games and playing gadget that will make the contest more entertaining and irresistible. One thing about PlayStation is that there is something for everyone, different games that will thrill just about anyone regardless of their age, gender or lifestyle. It is the fact that numerous games have been created that makes PlayStation one of the most played video games in the world. In fact, it has become easy to get the play station games, all you have to do is register online and download the game that you want to play. One of the companies that are making a hit with play station is a company known as PlayStation. Many games are available for people to choose all you have to do is go online and find more details about the game and choose the one that you like. If you have any issue or problem, you do not have to worry just like all you have to do is to go to the website and find PlayStation contact number, call them and you will be assisted.

Calling the Playstation Call Connection Number (UK)

One of the benefits you get from being a member of the Sony PlayStation Plus is that you able to download at least two games monthly. Thus, this is the reason that the game is popular as people can change the game that they are playing and avoid monotony. The site allows people to play the game online and connect, enabling friends to connect and play even if they are miles apart.
Other than the fact that playing the game is fun, most of the Play Station sites have offers and discount. If you are unsure about what is being offered or how you can get your discount use the PlayStation contact number to find out the games that are one sale. With this game you do not have to go to the store to make the payment, all you need to do is give your card number details on the site and payments will be automatically made whenever you buy a game. The site is safe and all your details will be confidential. However, if you feel that something went wrong with the playstation-phone-numberpayment, or you want to change your billing details, you can do find the PlayStation contact number online and air your views. The customer service is more than willing to help you and ensure that you have a pleasant time while playing the game. They can even help with EA Sports games.

Phoning Playstation customer services

It does not matter if you have PS2, PS3 or PS4; everything that you need to make the game entertaining is available online. Other than downloading the game, you can also buy some of the gaming gadgets that will make playing more fun. The site has everything to ensure that those who are playing the game have a good time while playing the games. If you have a question, inquiry, complaint, or seeking to get some information, do not hesitate just take your phone and call the PlayStation contact number on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 7726
, and you will be assisted.

Playstation website
Playstation Twitter
Playstation Facebook
Playstation postal address The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 OXW/td>
Playstation official number 0203 538 2665
Playstation support number 0203 538 2665
Playstation care helpline number 0203 538 2665
Playstation PSN number 0203 538 2665
Playstation wikipedia


Apple: 0843 507 0204

Calls to (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 numbers cost 7ppm plus your network access charges. We are in no way affiliated with any organisation listed on this directory. We offer a call forwarding service, and consumer advice

Obtaining support for an Apple device over the phone can be notoriously difficult. The technology giant has conformed to the practices of a wide range of companies by making their telephone support services hard to locate. In order to decrease your level of frustration we have done the hard work for you and found the best contact number for Apple and listed it here on this website.

Having gained an exceptional worldwide reputation for technological innovation and a set of products that regularly ‘break the mould’, Apple have turned themselves into more than just a Apple contact numbercomputer manufacturer, but into one of the most desirable and aspirational brands in the world. Forming initially as a computer manufacturer, Apple have gone on to create some of the most ground-breaking products on the market. The Macintosh computer gave birth to future generations of iMac’s and Macbook Pro’s and the iPod revolutionised the traditional MP3 player. From here Apple dominated the technology market introducing their own mobile phone, still one of the dominant smartphones around, the iPhone which is due to enter its sixth iteration. Despite a recent patent battle with rivals Samsung, Apple continue to go from strength to strength as they have just struck a deal to purchase the popular Beats By Dre brand including their headphones and music streaming services, further enhancing their brand identity and opening them up to a number of new customers as the Beats streaming service becomes integrated with iTunes.

If you require support for your Apple device and cannot immediately attend an appointment with a genius bar representative in store and would like to talk to someone on the phone then the most direct way to get in contact with Apple is to call the Apple contact number (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 507 0204

Phoning the Apple contact number for technical support

Apple have made a move to shift their entire technical support base in store as they populated their shops with Genius Bars. These are the main point of contact for all Apple products needing repair or technical help. Manned by highly trained Apple Genius staff, the company have ensured that you will be able to get support for your device in store from someone who knows that product in depth. However it is not always convenient for you to physically go to an Apple store due to their sparse locations across the country. If you cannot make your way to an Apple store to visit the genius bar, then the next best thing for you to do in order to get support is to call the Apple contact number listed in this article.

It is also to be noted that Apple do not own or operate a dedicated, official social media account despite the large amount of accounts and pages that have appeared on Facebook and Twitter as of late. This has made Apple even more difficult to get a hold of in relation to any issues that you may have. Apple products, especially their computer equipment has built up a reputation for excellent performance and rare faults, yet there can be occasions where technology does fail – this is sadly just a symptom of many devices. Apple do suggest that the first thing you do in order to Apple phone number
arrange technical support is to seek an appointment at the Genius Bar in store. This can be made online, but is of course not always convenient for you. With Apple stores being situated in major cities, there are many users who live far away from these stores and due to this getting technical support at a time suited to you is difficult. In this case, it is advised that you contact the customer service team at Apple over the phone in order to diagnose your problem and find out what the next step should be. In order to do this, you should call the Apple contact number.

Questions frequently asked of the Apple contact number

Customers have a variety of reasons for contacting Apple. The majority of these issues will be of a technical nature and Apple’s team are on hand to assist you. As has been stated elsewhere on this site, Apple can be notoriously difficult to reach and with this brings a number of problems. The most direct way of contacting them is with the customer service number listed on this site. Here we have compiled some of the more frequently asked questions which are commonly delivered to Apple on a daily basis.

When buying a new product, how much coverage do I get?

As with any new out-of-the-box product, you are afforded a one year limited warranty. Apple also offer complimentary service for new products which lasts for 90 days from purchase. This can be extended as you purchase the Applecare protection plan. This is a product available in store which will allow you to add an extra level of insurance to your product.

My device is out of warranty and I do not own Applecare. Can I still get support?

Apple helplineIf this is the situation, then it is slightly more difficult to get support for your device – but you can still get support. Apple will be able to arrange a genius bar appointment for you where the specialists in store can assess the fault in your product and tell you how you can arrange a repair. Call the customer service team on the Apple contact number.

I can’t get into an Apple Store and need a part – can I still get service?

Apple run a mail in parts service which can assist you in your repair. By contacting the customer service team you will be able to find out how much your repair will cost you and also exactly which parts you will need. Call the Apple contact number for more information


Apple websiteaddress
Apple Twitter
Apple Facebook
Apple postal address 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Apple official number 0800 048 0408
Apple business number 0800 058 2222
Apple education number 0800 048 0408
Apple beats support number 0800 028 2329
Apple wikipedia


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