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Paying for items on eBay – frequently asked questions by eBay users

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In order to pay for an item on EBay, or even bid on an item the first thing you’ll need is a buyer account. The main way of paying for items on EBay are PayPal, credit cards and debit cards (unless you use vouchers or Nectar points). This is because other ways of paying tend to either compromise accounts, or using a postal order for instance, means you need to pay an extra fee, though you still may use it if you wish. Other ways include by cheque and bank to bank transfers, but these are restricted.

What way would you suggest paying for an eBay purchase?

The only real exception is cars which many people pay by COD – Cash on Delivery. Note that you aren’t covered by EBay’s guarantee if you do this. It is best that you save your PayPal details on your account so that you can use PayPal every time you pay by just one click. Note however that if you wish to change which bank account feeds your PayPal account you will need to do that before the sale. It is always a good idea to check this before even bidding for an item, though uncertainty on winning the item mean people tend to wait until the auction is over.

What are the advantages of paying on eBay with PayPal?

You are protected by a money back guarantee by EBay when you pay by PayPal.

I am unable to pay for an item, what can I do?

If you find that you can’t physically pay for a specific item, check your PayPal account or credit card details to make sure they are correct. Note that if there is an hourglass icon next to the payment on your PayPal account it shows that payment is pending. It will clear in a few days provided you have money in your account. You may need to contact Ebay to talk about your issues.

What will happen if I delay payment?

If you delay payment the seller may open an unpaid item case against you. This is due to a breach of contract, you said you would pay and yet to do so. The way to close an unpaid item is to pay the amount or to agree that the sale may be cancelled. It is best to contact your seller as soon as you can. If you chose to appeal the case rather than pay an EBay representative will judge whether you are in the right.

Can I combine eBay purchases?

To combine purchases you need to enter “Pay Now” and “Pay All Sellers”. On the other hand you may chose to only pay for one of your items on your visit. Please note that some sellers do not accept multiple payments, it is always best to check so you know how much you are paying.

How can I use a giftcard on eBay?

To use a gift card, voucher or certificate you need to enter the redemption code in the appropriate box before check out and press “Apply”. Note that only one voucher etc can be used during a purchase. If the code fails check the expiration date or enter the code again. The difference between the voucher and the item’s price must be paid via PayPal. Also vouchers can’t be transferred from one EBay account to another.

Can I use Nectar points on eBay? How?

In order to spend your Nectar Points on EBay your Nectar account and your EBay account needs to be linked. You can only redeem Nectar points when you have been credited 500 points. You can points for every £1 you spend on the site.

Returning items, cancelling & items not sent on eBay – frequently asked questions by eBay users

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eBay provides a platform for people to sell and buy products online via a marketplace that’s worth using. You can do all your shopping on eBay whether you are buying gifts to give out, shopping for holiday and it can even act as the marketplace that you use to run your whole business form. However, there may be issues that arise which normally will be referred to eBay customer service like when you don’t receive an item, when you want cancel a purchase or returning items and many more. Here are some of the issues that may arise and their possible solutions.

I've not recieved my eBay purchase - what can I do?

Open a request, Check the item in your purchase history before opening a request. If the projected delivery date hasn’t passed, the item may as well be in shipment. If the delivery date has passed, let the seller know by opening a request. It will take 8 days for sellers to respond and solve the issue. You can check the status of your request while waiting for the response and you can contact eBay customer service and ask them to help if you are not happy with the seller’s response. You will get a response in 2 days and if your request qualifies, they’ll send you a refund.

How do I open a money back guarantee?

You can open a money bank guarantee case when an item isn’t received or when an item received doesn’t match the listing description. If eBay determines that the item wasn’t successfully delivered, they will refund the full cost of the item and original postage via PayPal.

I need to track an eBay package - how can I do this?

You can use the tracking or confirmation information received on email to check the postage status of your package on the carrier’s site. Alternatively, go to my eBay, click the won link on the left side of the page, locate the package in the list, and click the tracking number to see status.

How do I cancel an eBay purchase?

You can choose to cancel a purchase if it doesn’t meet the descriptions, if its broken, or if you have changed your mind about purchasing the item.

I need an update on an existing eBay case - what do I do?

You can check the status of an existing case by selecting see case status or by going to purchase history then returns and cancelled orders then see case details.

I entered the wrong shipping address on a purchase - how can I resolve this?

If you haven’t paid for the item and the seller hasn’t sent your order yet, you can change your shipping address. If you have paid for the item, seller will ship the item to the address listed on the order details page. The item will be returned and you can contact the seller and ask them to send it to your updated address.

I need to return an eBay item - how do I do this?

Your alternatives for returning items depend on the seller’s policy, the type of the commodity you want to return and the reason behind your return. Go to My eBay, choose return an item and then choose the item you want to return, it’s that simple.

Cancelling an eBay item

To cancel a purchase, go to My eBay, open the purchase history section, find the order that you want to cancel, click on more actions, then click on cancel order. You can click on Contact seller and tell them the reason why you want to cancel.

When an eBay item is returned, who pays for the postage?

If you changes your mind after purchasing an item and wants to return it, you will need to pay return postage depending on the policy of the seller. Sellers also pay return postage if there is a problem the item.

Getting the status of a refund or a return - how can I do this?

You can check the status of a return or refund by selecting See case status or by going to purchase history then returns and cancelled orders and then see case details.

Can I return a click and collect item - is this possible?

If you need to return a click and collect item, select return item on my eBay or visit your purchase history in my eBay to initiate a return. Depending on the return policy of the seller, you will either be required to contact the seller or automatically begin the return process.

How do returns policies differ from one country to another?

Returns policy vary from one seller to another, some accept only domestic returns, some accept all returns and others don’t accept returns at all. You can the return policy for a particular item by going to the listing or contacting the seller to find out more. When returning a Global Shipping Programme item, a seller who offers to refund your original postage costs only refunds the domestic postage costs. You won’t receive a refund on import or international postage charges you paid to the shipping centre.

I need to retract an eBay bid

You can still open a return request even if the seller’s policy says they don’t accept returns. If you have changed your mind or made a mistake, you can request a return, but be aware that the seller doesn’t have to accept your return. If your purchase is damaged or doesn’t match the descriptions, you are covered by the eBay money back guarantee.

I need to cancel an eBay purchase

Retracting your bid is only possible if there are 12 or more hours left on sale. If the product description changes notably, you made errors while entering the bid or you cant reach the seller, then you can retract your bid.

I need to return an eBay item

Select return an item on my eBay and then choose the item you want to return. The seller’s policy, the reason why you want to return and what you want to return will determine your returning options. If the item is damaged, doesn’t match descriptions, you can return it regardless of the seller’s return policy. If you bought the item as a guest, you can open a return request via the order confirmation email you received.

Top eBay sellers customer queries

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Although eBay does its best to prevent fraud and buyer/seller disputes, it does happen from time to time and not everybody has a happy experience every time. This can be very frustrating and upsetting, but eBay UK customer service helpline team have a whole team of customer service agents to help you through any issues and will do their utmost to rectify the problem.

What are eBay's requirements for new sellers?

New sellers who want to list their first items on eBay are required to fulfil some requirements. The first requirement is to provide a valid credit card, a debit card or bank account information. It is also required to let eBay know how you will be paying your seller fees. You are also required to select a list of payment methods you will accept. You should also make sure to make your feedback profile public. It is highly recommended to have your PayPal account verified.

Can I open an eBay store?

To open an eBay store, you are required to have an eBay seller account. You should also place your credit card on file and have a PayPal verified account. If you want to open a Premium or Anchor store, your seller performance should be above standard. After meeting these requirements, you will be taken through a step-by-step process and your account will be up and running in minutes.

eBay won't let me list an item - what can I do?

If you can’t list an item, it may be because of the listing or selling allowances placed on your account. If this happens, it is most likely that you have not confirmed key personal information or you do not have a positive selling history. Thus, you should improve your selling performances and increase your allowances.

How can I increase my eBay seller limit?

After listing an item, eBay notifies you if you have reached or are close to reaching your monthly account limits. However, you may request an increase on your selling limits. Nonetheless, you may be required to verify contact information or any other information before you are allowed to increase your selling limits.

How can I sell on eBay motors?

You can sell all types of cars, parts or accessories on eBay motors. To ensure a successful transaction, you are required to gather all important information about the car you intend to sell. Some of the information may include your vehicle’s history and vehicle identification number (VIN).

How do eBay charge fees?

eBay only charges fees when you make a sale and then they charge a small percentage. eBay has a fee calculator that allows you to get an estimate on the amount of fees you will pay. Fees will however depend on the category of the goods you are selling.

What are eBay's fees for selling?

eBay charges fees differently depending on the category of your listing. For example, fees are different for motor vehicles, real estate and store subscribers among others. eBay may charge listing fees after you list an item. However, it also gives all sellers free listing fees per month. If you sell an item, you will be charged a final value fee. This is calculated from the total amount of sale but does not include sales tax. You may also be charged optional advanced listing upgrade fees and supplemental service fees if you decide to use them.

What are listing upgrade fees? How are they calculated?

Listing upgrades are a great way to attract more buyers by customising the appearance of your listings. While most listing upgrades will be flat fees, fees may vary depending on the selling format you choose and the eBay site you are selling on. In addition, you need to qualify for some of these upgrades and optional fees may be charged at the time of the listing. The fees are non-refundable.

How do I pay eBay fees?

While eBay requires sellers to have an automatic payment method, sellers have the option of making a onetime payment either using a credit card, debit card, checking account or PayPal. While making a onetime payment, it is advisable to wait at least 5 days to avoid making duplicate payments. You also have the option of updating your account information or removing a payment method at any time.

How can I revise an eBay listing?

Revising a listing will depend on various factors such as the time left before it ends, the type of listing and whether it has received any bids or sales. When revising your listing, you may note that there may be grey sections, which means that you cannot revise the listings.

Can I block an eBay user from interacting with me?

While eBay allows all members to participate in the biding and buying process, sellers are given the option of limiting sales to certain members. A seller can block a bidder or buyer by placing their user IDs on the blocked list. This restricts them from bidding or buying unless you remove them from the list. eBay allows you to block up to 5,000 user IDs.

How cna I cancel an eBay sale?

You may need to cancel a sale if an item is broken or if you made a mistake when listing it. When cancelling a sale, it is recommended to let the buyer know you intend to cancel the sale. You can cancel a sale up to 30 days after its sale even if the buyer has already paid for it. You will however not be able to cancel the transaction if the buyer has already opened the item not received request or when you have already opened an Unpaid item case.

The buyer hasn't paid for an item - what do I do?

If the buyer has not sent the payment and is no longer an eBay member, you can open up the case in eBay’s resolution centre. However, if the buyer is still registered, you can give them at least two days to make the payment. However, if after a substantial amount of time has passed and you have not received your payment, you can try talking to the buyer. If this does not work, then you can try and resolve the matter in eBay’s resolution centre.

I need to end my eBay listing early - how can I do this?

You can end your listing early via the End My Listing Early Form. You should also choose the option to cancel bids and end the listing early. This will ensure all the bids are cancelled and informs the bidders of the decision to end the listing.

My listing was removed early - what do I do?

eBay may remove listing which they feel go against their guidelines and policies. For example, listings prohibited by law, listings prohibited by eBay polies or those reported by a VeRO Program participant will be removed. In addition, listings that use language or photos that breach eBay polices may be removed. Listings that have been active in the site for more than a year without sales are also removed. eBay will send you a notice when it removes your listing.

eBay returns & money back guarantee – frequently asked questions by eBay customers

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eBay is one of the leading online markets worldwide where you can get almost anything you are looking for. There are thousand if not millions of transactions that take place on a daily basis between buyers and sellers. As a result of the many transactions carried out and the number of clients that eBay serves, there are always issues where clarification is needed, or you purchase something and receive something else. In order to make sure that buyers and sellers are satisfied by the services that are offered by eBay, a customer service centre was established.

How can I get in contact with eBay?

There are many channels that clients who have complaints or issues should contact eBay customer service center for assistance. The automated help options is one of the channels that are available for clients to land at the eBay customer service desk. This an interactive web system that is recommended by the eBay to use for the quickest response to your the top of any eBay page there is a customer support link that you should click and delivers you straight to the online customer support page. On the customer support page, there is another tab with contact eBay that gives you many options to choose from or directly chat with a live agent. This is one of the quickest ways to resolve any issues related to items bought or sold on eBay.

Contacting eBay through email

Another method to reach the eBay is by through web email or personal email. To email eBay customer service straight, attempt this eBay online form. It will request you To enrol in (and might provide you an error if you’re already signed in if you open the instrument, which means you might need to sign up before doing this, then join in again along the way to the instrument), and can then give you a web version that attains an email box within eBay’s customer service division. eBay has started offer or to blow off responses pointing to an email in reaction to their tools which means that your probability of getting assistance by dwindling daily, such a manner. It isn’t clear this kind will remain. If you are not fond of phone customer care, you may need to grit your teeth when attempting to reach and then put a call. Today all options point to a connection that offers a phone number and pin or into other applications, though chat hyperlinks and email hyperlinks used to be scattered throughout the system down. Use these, and you will have the ability to speak to a customer care about your problem.

How can I use eBay chat boards?

eBay chat boards -In case your inquiry is either region-specific or even category-specific, you’re likely going to find responses or help from those who ordinarily learn more compared to the personal customer support agents of eBay by post on the discussion boards of eBay.

How can I use the eBay answer centre?

This goes dual to get the Answer Centre, which is eBay client support program, powered with eBay staffers which pop in and also by the community and post every now and then. The Answer Centre, many times used in several instances than customer support and, is user-friendly. The automated help option is one of the channels that is available for clients to land at the eBay customer service desk. This an interactive web system that is recommended by the eBay to use for the quickest response to your the top of any eBay page there is a customer support link that you should click and delivers you straight to the online customer support page. On the customer support page, there is another tab with contact eBay that gives you many options to choose from or directly chat with a live agent.

Phoning the eBay customer service helpline in the UK

Although the technique that is try-all-the-phone-numbers-you-find of calling eBay is the lengthy and arduous thing to do, among the greatest listings of contact info to get eBay will be located in the Consumerist. Although the info there has been posted many decades back and is only the responsibility of The Consumerist, you will find at least sufficient choices here in order to keep you null (instead of Google hunting) for a couple of hours.

How can I use the eBay feedback system?

As you’ll encounter equally dishonest and honest Folks in the actual world, you will find crooks and people. Luckily, eBay’s website involves a choice of tools such as the feedback system which are intended to enable you to stay safe. In summary, because eBay’s founding in 1995 it is now That the world’s biggest spot to purchase and market, a community of tens of millions of everyday folks, small companies, as well as large companies from all the seven continents countries Millions of things of each type imaginable, in every state possible, change hands daily on eBay for costs ranging from 1 penny to tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of dollars (or pounds, or even alternative kinds of money). eBay has Missions beyond its wildest dreams, and it’s done so almost completely from the online world. But do not take my word for this. Go to eBay and investigate one of the most significant success stories of the World Wide Web. Afterward join eBay on to Begin searching for great bargains on your favorite things or to begin turning your Old junk to new money.

Common eBay seller issues – frequently asked questions by eBay sellers

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Using eBay as a tool to promote your business and make sales? Clearing out your garage of things that are not being used? We all know how it feels to have too much stuff, stuff we need to get rid of, or just stuff we want to sell! This is why so many people need to call the eBay UK number on a day to day basis - but our FAQs may be able to help.

As much as contacting eBay is pretty straight forward to use sometimes things come up whereupon we need some help and contacting customer services on the phone is not always the right option. So here is your essential guide to some of those common questions you might have when using your eBay account to your sell goods.

eBay won't let me list an item - why?

Ebay has listing and selling allowances that fall into three main categories; Account-based selling allowances, Category-based listing allowances and Item-based listing allowances. If you cannot list an item it is likely you have reached the permitted threshold based on your account. You will receive an email as you reach the threshold on your account which will advise you how many listings remain for the month. Further some items are not allowed on ebay as they are restricted or prohibited. Or more typically you may have listed in a way which is not permitted. Again ebay will email you and advise what the issue with your submission is.

How can I increase my seller limit on eBay?

You can increase your selling allowances, depending on how your account has performed and your ebay rating.

Can I block buyers/bidders on eBay?

Blocking a bidder or buyer You can block up to 5000 bidders ids from your listings. Just enter the ids you wish to block and click submit.

What do I do if the buyer hasn't paid?

Buyer didn’t pay. (Unpaid item) If a listing is not paid and you cannot resolve or get a response from the buyer you can open an unpaid item case. You should wait for two days from the conclusion of the listing before opening a case. Ensure your report the issue within 32 days otherwise it will be assumed that the item has been paid for.

Can I appeal a decision?

Appealing the decision on a case If you are unhappy with a case decision then you can appeal. You have 30 days to appeal and need to provide the relevant case details; tracking numbers for proof of delivery and photos or documents to prove the items were correctly picked. You can start an appeal on your seller dashboard. Look for the appropriate case and choose ‘send us an appeal’ Ebay will then review the case and come back to you with a decision on your appeal.

My listing has been taken down - what can I do?

If a listing is prohibited or restricted it may be removed however you will receive an email describing what the issue with your listing is, giving you an opportunity to revise it.

How can I find things on eBay?

Finding items in search Click the ‘help’ function at the top menu of your screen in your ebay browser. You will see a search box. Type in your query, press the search icon, and you will be directed to the appropriate support narrative.

How do a I contact an eBay buyer?

Contacting a buyer On the right hand side of your listing you will see a link to ‘more actions’ click this and you will open up a browser in order to send a message to your buyer.

I need to report an issue to eBay

Report an issue with a buyer Open up account settings at the top left of the screen, where it says ‘hello’ and your name. Look down the menu on your left and you will see ‘Report and service tools’ the option to report a buyer sits under this menu.

How can I update my PayPal settings on eBay?

Update PayPal settings Open up account settings at the top left of the screen, where it says ‘hello’ and your name. Look down the menu on your left and you will see ‘Paypal settings’ click this and you will be taken to three options of which updating is the third.

Common eBay account problems – frequently asked questions about eBay accounts

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When you have a problem or question with that you do not want to call the eBay UK contact number about it can be confusing and sometimes you can be ensure about what you need to do. This is a guide with everything you need to know to do with eBay postage queries.

Main eBay account problems

There are certain problems that can be encountered on eBay. One of them is a decline of your bank account information. If your bank account information is not accepted, confirm with your bank that the account number you are providing is correct, also confirm that your bank account accepts electronic payments. If your credit card is not accepted,verify if you have entered the right credit card information such as billing address and credit card number. If your account has been suspended due to non-payment of fees you must pay all fees in order for the suspension to be lifted. eBay may suspend an account if a payment method is out of date. In order to lift this suspension, you need to update your payment method.

Closing your eBay account

In order to close your eBay account, sign into the account with your username and password and check to see if you have any outstanding fees. If there are any of them, you need to pay them before closing your account. If money is owed you, you should request a refund before closing your account. In order to submit a request to close your account, go to the “Help Topics” menu and type “Close Account” in the search bar. Then you would see a tab tagged as “closing your eBay account”. When you click on the tab, you would be asked why you intend to close your account then you would be able to close your account. eBay imposes a waiting period to ensure that all your transactions are concluded before your account is closed.

Contacting PayPal about your eBay account

In order to contact PayPal, it is better to link your eBay account with your PayPal account,this will make it easier for you to contact PayPal. In order to link your eBay account with your PayPal account, click on “My eBay” tab at the top most corner of the eBay homepage, click on the “Account” tab, click on the “Paypal Account” tab on the left side of the page. Then click on the “Link My Paypal Account” tab. You would be prompted to sign into your PayPal account to complete the linking of your accounts. The linking of your accounts would make it easier for you to contact PayPal from your eBay account.

I've forgotten my eBay username and/or password

In case you have forgotten your username, you can sign in with your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Reset your password” tab and an email containing instructions on how to reset your password would be sent to you. Alternatively, you can request that a temporary password be issued and sent to the mobile phone you have on your eBay account.

How can I remove a defect from my eBay account?

The eBay defect removal policy automates the process of getting defects removed from your account under certain circumstances. Under this policy, defects on sellers accounts for reasons beyond their control would be automatically removed. These reasons includes when the buyer did not pay for the order and an unpaid item is recorded against the buyer. Moreover, eBay removes a defect if a PayPal Purchase Protection or eBay Money Back Guarantee is ruled in the seller’s favour or the defect was an eBay program or site error. Furthermore, if eBay or PayPal instructs the seller to hold a shipment or cancel the transaction, eBay would automatically remove whatever defect that comes with the decision. Moreover, if eBay determines that the defect was as a result of systemic delays in communication and shipping, the defect would be automatically removed. On the other hand, you can contact eBay to have a defect removed if you believe you have a good reason for the removal.

I am worried that someone else has been using my eBay account without my permission. What do I do?

If your account has been used without your permission,the first step to take is to change your password. Also verify the contact information on your account, then change the secret question and answer on your account. Finally, report the identity theft to eBay. This may result in a temporary hold being placed on your account until the situation normalizes.

How can I report an item I have purchased from eBay?

If an item violates eBay listing rules, then you should make a report. In order to file a report, go to the listing of the item you want to report, click on the “Report Item” tab on the right side of the listing page and select the reason you are making a report. Click on the “continue” tab and “send” tab to conclude the process.

eBay postage issues – frequently asked questions about eBay postage

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When you have a problem or question with eBay UK customer services it can be confusing and sometimes you can be ensure about what you need to do. This is a guide with everything you need to know to do with eBay postage queries.

Basics of Postage for Sellers

Before posting a listing to eBay you need to know the basics of postage. First of all, it is vital that you choose the correct postage options. This is essential because when somebody purchases from you they will choose a postage option. This will tell them how much they need to pay for postage and how long it will take for them to receive the item. You also need to decide whether or not you will be offering international shipping.

How does Return Postage work?

You can choose whether or not you want to accept returns. As a seller, if you accept returns your customer can receive a refund if they believe there is a problem with their item or they decide they don’t want it. This involves them sending the item back to the seller. Sellers only pay for return postage if there is an issue with the item (doesn’t match description, broken, etc).

Estimating Postage Costs

eBay makes it relatively easy to estimate postage costs. You can buy or print postage labels on eBay. You just enter the weight of the package and it will accurately calculate costs and give you a postage label. You can estimate costs before a purchase by using this guide depending on which parcel company you use[1].

Offering Combined Postage Discounts

Postage discounts are available depending on your choice of carrier. You need to offer at least one postage option to be eligible to use these discounts. More information is in the link in the previous section. When it comes to global shipping combined postage discounts are not available. However a discount will be applied to some of the delivery.

Printing or voiding postage labels

In a previous section of this guide postage labels were mentioned. In order to receive postage labels you need to print them out. You don’t need anything fancy, you just need a normal printer. Just navigate to the ‘reprint label’ page of your eBay. On the other hand, if you need to void your label the is extremely simple too. Just go to the ‘shipping label completed page’. From there you will be able to void your postage label. You need to do this within 48 hours.

Buyer is in a Country you don’t Post to

You are able to choose which companies you choose to ship to through eBay. Nevertheless, if someone purchases your listing from a country you don’t wish to post to you should get in contact with them immediately. They may pay for any extra shipping costs, allowing you to ship to them with no losses. If not this will also enable you to cancel the order.

Using the Global Shipping Programme to sell to International Buyers

The Global Shipping Programme is an extremely handy tool for eBay sellers and is something vital to know about before selling on eBay. When selling items online, it can be a hassle to ship to other countries. There are a plethora of extra costs so it can seem like its not worth the hassle. However, this programme is completely on the contrary to normal international shipping. It is as easy and efficient as domestic shipping. You just post your item to the UK shipping centre and the rest is done for you.

What Buyers Should know about Postage

First of all, you should be aware of the variety of shipping options. It may be tempting to pick the cheap option. However, you should look at shipping times and safety and take everything into account. eBay has a postage tracking service meaning you can keep watch on your item from this moment you purchase it. This is extremely helpful in making sure your package isn’t lost.

Updating your delivery address

Updating your delivery address using eBay is extremely simple. Just navigate to ‘my eBay’ and click on ‘addresses’. From there you will easily be able to update your delivery address. You can also change a plethora of personal information from the ‘my eBay’ page. So if you need to change your phone number or another piece of personal information it can be easily done so there.

Returning an item purchased from a seller in another country

International returns are not particularly different from domestic ones. Depending on the sellers return policy either you or the seller will pay for the returned item. However, if the item you wish to return is damaged or does not fit the description you will not have to pay for the return fees and will be hastily issued a refund. If the seller does not cooperate you can always ask eBay to step in. If a refund isn’t issued within 6 days you can contact eBay. They will then help you receive your refund. Always be aware of store policies because sellers can easily refuse you a return/refund depending on their store policies.

eBay buying basics – frequently asked questions by eBay users

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eBay is one of the most popular buying and selling sites in the world, with millions of customers using it everyday. If you are new to the world of eBay, or simply want to know more about using this service, then carry on reading! You can contact the eBay UK phone number very easily, or simply read below for the essential guide to buying items on eBay.

Buying basics – paying for your order

Many individuals worry about paying for goods that they have purchased online. They often don’t know the buying process, or how they should pay. Buying and paying for items on eBay is fairly straightforward. You will need a PayPal account, but again, setting up this account and using it is very easy. It is also free. Be sure to double check the item that you wish to buy, and the price, before you click on the Pay Now icon. There are other payment options available for you to choose from, but PayPal is the safest and preferred payment option.

How does eBay bidding work?

As well as being able to pay for sale items, eBay also works by customers ‘bidding’ for items over an allocated timeframe. The individual who places the highest bid will ‘win’. Bidding is a fairly easy process. To be abs to place a bid, you will need to click on the Select Bid icon. This will be located on the sales page of had item you wish to buy. You will then be able to enter the amount that you wish to bid for and then you need to select the Place Bid option.

How can I retract a bid on eBay?

What do you do if you have placed a bid but then change your mind? How do you retract a bid? Can you retract a bid? If there are more than 12 hours left to bid, then you’re in luck, as you might have the option to retract your bid. However, you can only do so if you have incorrectly entered an amount, such as £400 instead of £40, or if the product description has completely changed to the original description that you read. If there are less than 12 hours left, and you want to retract your bid, then your only option is to contact the seller, to see if they are willing to retract the bid for you.

Can I bid on eBay as a guest?

To place a bid you do need to be a registered user. But, you can buy items under the Buy it Now umbrella. This is available to all non account holders, as you simply use the guest checkout area for such transactions. To be able to bid and leave feedback you will need to have a registered eBay account. The great news is that as a guest you are allowed to track your items, contact the seller directly via email and to return items.

How can I use the eBay click & collect service?

As a registered user you are allowed to use eBays Click & Collect. This enables you to collect your bought item from a venue and date that suits your needs. You have a maximum of 7 days in which to collect your purchase.

How can I leave feedback on another eBay user? How do I receive eBay feedback?

Feedback is incredibly important to sellers as it helps to share with other buyers the qualities of that service, good and bad. That is the reason why eBay encourages users to leave feedback once they have received their purchase. The rating yo can give will be either neutral, positive or negative, followed by a brief comment about their product and service. To do so you simply have to select the Leave Feedback option.

Can I change or remove eBay feedback?

The sad news is that if you post feedback to a seller and then wish to either change or remove that feedback, then doing so is a little difficult. The only way of changing your review (in most cases changing a negative to a neutral or positive review), is to contact the seller directly and ask them to send you a revision form. eBay will not allow you to delete feedback, only to change it.

Is buying a vehicle from eBay motors any different?

Surprisingly, you are able to buy vehicles from eBay, that have strict guidelines on what you should do to make such a purchase. Firstly, you should throughly research the seller and read all feedback that has been given. You must also thoroughly check the vehicle history, by using eBay's free Vehicle history report checker. eBay do have an online tutorial about buying vehicles with then, so be sure to watch this before placing any kind of bid.

What Do Their Customers Say About Autonet Insurance?

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Autonet Insurance is a British insurance broker whose reputation in offering insurance policies and guides has led to many enjoying a smooth experience. It is among the most established insurance brokers in the UK and the most preferred by clients across the country due to its diversity in the motor insurance sector. However, many people are not able to choose which company to use when searching to insure their vehicles and this is because they don’t have the information needed to guide them in the decision making process.

To understand how Autonet Insurance works and whether it is a perfect option for you, it is advisable to connect with those who have previously sought the services of the company. These are the only people who will give you honest information about the company and its dependability. One of the things the company can be commended for doing is maintaining responsiveness even when complaints are posted online on review forums. Some of the complaints posted on these forums highlight the delays encountered in the review process to get compensation.

Sometimes due to the complexity of the accident encountered, the company has to take longer to understand the issue at hand and arrive at an appropriate solution that serves both sides fairly. But many people are not okay with such delays as this weighs down on their capabilities to proceed with their activities if the compensation they expect to receive is meant to go into a project.

Kinds of complaints posted

Perusing several forums online that have answers about Autonet Insurance, you will find what people find interesting as well as frustrating about the company. Some people share information citing that they paid upfront but could not receive documents as expected. This means during the next payment one could incur more since there are no documents yet to verify the payment made in the first round. This frustration could delay the issuance of services and the customer fails to enjoy the convenience required.

When that happens, it is advisable to call the company to get advice on what could be happening on their end and to request for assistance to correct the issue before it takes longer. Sometimes it is an issue with errors in their database and your information maybe is not loaded correctly. The earlier you react the better as this allows the company enough time to work on your case so when the next payment shows up you have clean records that can allow you to proceed.

Calls from the company are also an annoyance that some users of the services of Autonet protest. This sounds subtle but some people complain that the company’s marketing department makes too many calls after collecting your details, especially if you are yet to initiate a contract with them. Whenever new products come up, the company makes sure they call you to notify you about the new services you could enjoy and most people are not even interested in these services.

The best thing to do is to ask the support team to exempt you from such promotions through calls. Instead, they can forward that information into your email to avoid disrupting your day. Also be prepared to spend £35 “admin charge” while making any changes like the reg number of your car. Again this may not be an issue to everyone but some think it is too much for a simple task like updating information.

Positives observed in these reviews

Honestly, the reputation Autonet Insurance customer service has earned over the years has helped the company to earn more through conversions and they are not going to stray soon. Many of the comments posted on review platforms about Autonet highlight satisfaction in the services offered by the company. The first thing one will note is the responsiveness portrayed by the support team of the company. They even peruse through the internet to see whether there is any information posted about their services and they make sure they issue a reply or a guideline to help the client if it is a complaint highlighted. This is a rare gesture and part of the reason the company has managed to keep its business moving and growing stronger.

The sign-up process is another factor that many seem to appreciate. It can take many minutes before one registers to receive insurance services but this is not the case users of Autonet services have to experience. The company has ensured their registration of services is smooth and ideal for all categories of users. It takes less than 5 minutes to submit the proposal and due to the responsiveness of the company, in 10 minutes you should be through with the entire process. The support team also guides you whenever you find issues while registering.

Easy to contact

Connecting to the support team of a company that offers you services is a vital part of managing your preferences and eliminating challenges. Autonet allows you to seamlessly access support whenever you need and their team is courteous and responsive regardless of the time of day you make your calls. Unlike many companies, Autonet will reply to your emails within the same day, which ensures you can manage your preferences faster. Their social media accounts are also very active and you can get assistance on any issue you have, whether you post on their wall or send a private message.

Additionally, most reviews seem to applaud the good prices the company offers on major products. The pricing is competitive, according to many reviewers, and there are many categories of services that you can choose depending on what you have as your budget. Compared with other insurers, Autonet is rated well on matters pricing and this seems to be a major factor in attracting many customers and retaining those who choose the services of the company. With fewer complaints and more praises, Autonet has managed to swim into success quite easily despite facing stiff competition in the insurance market in the United Kingdom. It is a key player that offers unique products.

When does my MOT expire? How to find out online

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A MOT test is a yearly test of vehicles that checks roadworthiness, safety and other aspects like emissions. Every vehicle is assigned a rating and you are required to conduct the test immediately the MOT expires. Many people forget to check their MOT status and this raises issues with the authorities including risking huge fines. Therefore, you should make sure you have the right status on your vehicle to avoid falling in the harsh hands of the authorities. There are about 20,100 garages in the Great Britain that facilitate MOT testing, so getting your car checked is something that will take you few hours because you don’t need to travel away from your state to get it checked.

Check MOT status online

The online MOT status search process is automated through a system where you can confirm the status of your vehicle. If you forget frequently, you need to check for a system that allows you to set up a reminder, and there are many of these websites that offer you an easy way to manage your tests by setting up your account and updating information about your car. You could have your car checked regularly for the factors required, but updating your MOT status is necessary as this ensures you don’t create enmity between you and the authorities.

With websites like, you are able to even see the last MOT you conducted and the information you shared during that period. You will be in a position to understand when the MOT will be running out and this allows you to plan well for the future. Don’t panic or spend sleepless night trying to call the authorities to check your MOT status because you can complete everything online with a simple search process.

Things you should know

First introduced in 1960, MOT inspection has been under the Ministry of Transport. The test was meant to ensure the vehicles released to join roads are in fairly good condition and don’t pose a threat to the environment due to emissions, so having your vehicle checked could also increase your safety and possibly allow you to enjoy a peaceful driving experience. At the beginning, few items were listed under the MOT test but over the years, this list has been expanded to accommodate changes that have occurred with time.

For example, when the program was launched the authorities did not focus much on emissions but with the development of efficient technology, they now consider the emission status of a vehicle, which is a perfect idea that helps to protect the environment. Every vehicle belongs to a test class and you are charged depending on the class your vehicles belongs. These classes run all the way from class I (includes motorcycles) to class VI (public service vehicles).

There are vital parts of your car that could invalidate your MOT qualifications. These include faulty seat belts, bad braking system, tires and wheels. These are safety features that must be checked regularly and any lack of care could endanger the life of both the driver and other users of the road. So, basically a MOT test is in the best interest to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and that you get the protection needed to prevent the occurrence of accidents on the roads. Once you meet the minimal safety and environmental requirements, you will not need to worry about getting fined by the inspection authorities. Just comply by setting up a reminder to ensure you submit the needed information in time.

Before buying

Most vehicles on sale are in fairly good condition and the owners just want to upgrade, but there are cases where someone opts to sell due to issues like failures in the systems of the vehicle and the person just wants to transfer the frustrations to someone else. Using the information supplied by the authorities could help you to understand the history of the vehicle. Other cases involving theft are documented and you could easily find out by submitting the chassis and engine number of the vehicles listed.

You need to protect yourself from fraudsters who are out to earn through deceit – if you are worried, call the DVLA phone number immediately. Make sure you get a full report of the MOT tests the vehicles conducted and use this information to decide whether it would be a good buy. In case there are many issues with the car, you should try to look for a different deal because despite being affordable, some cars are a liability you would not want to embrace especially when you are looking for a vehicle that can serve your needs fully. Also involve experts in the search process to ensure all the aspects of ownership you check are in line with the quality standards that can allow you to make the perfect choice.

Additionally, confirm that the information available on the log book is what the car is made of. Some people do swaps of parts or changes in the car but fail to update the same on their log books, so when the time to sell the car comes, they are not able to explain how some parts don’t match what the log book says. This is especially true about the engine and you need to pay attention to such parts since buying a car that has defects could cost you a lot to restore it to working condition.

Servicing in time

The best way to ensure you don’t fall victim of the penalties applied due to MOT failure is to adhere to servicing requirements. Keep your vehicle in the best condition and you will have nothing to worry about. Remember the test is to detect the defects that could prevent your vehicle from performing well and you are able to get more if you can adhere to servicing guidelines as recommended by the authorities. In fact, you don’t need to wait for someone to tell you to service your vehicle because having it in perfect condition benefits you more than anyone else, so just observe servicing guidelines to the letter.

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