British Airways Avios calculator – work out how many Avios points you’ve earned through BA

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British Airways is a leading company in the aviation industry that has been in the forefront developing programs that are meant to offer travelers an awesome experience. The company has several products that allow travelers, especially those who fly regularly using their service, to enjoy better rates. This is implemented through the Avios points, which can be redeemed depending on the miles one has covered with the service of the company. Many people have enrolled to this program but are not aware about the number of points they have and how much they can redeem from the same points.

Distance based award chart

Before you go online to look at the points you have, you have to first understand the criteria that British Airways uses to award these Avios points. Basically, the points issued are based on distance rather than the fact that you simply used the service of the company. Someone who has travelled using the service of the company 10 times in the past two months will have more points than another who did so only three times, distance and duration kept constant. Making many short flights, therefore, does not sign you up to enjoy more points. It is the distance covered that matters and not the number of times you have travelled with the company.

Anything below 3,000 miles will cost you at least 12,500 Avios points, irrespective of whether you flew across oceans or continents. To find out the number of points you have to fly around, head over to the British Airways website to for the calculator. The system is non-intuitive and will only respond if you are flying across easy routes (for example direct flights and routes that have one connection).

Each leg is paid for separately

Many people think this is an annoying aspect of the program that should probably be scrapped. For someone who does not live near a hub city (in this case Chicago, Miami, New York-JFK and Los Angeles) will not receive as much benefits as others. Take a case where you want to travel from San Francisco to Honolulu, but you have to pass through Los Angeles because you cannot get direct flights. In each leg, you have to calculate the mileage travelled so you can pay accordingly. This is annoying for someone who does not live near a hub because it offers you a complicated method of paying for your trip.

No close-in booking fee

Many airlines charge their customers booking fees, which hover around $75. Fortunately, British Airways does not place such policies on travelers and they only ask you to book your award ticket using the Avios points you have accumulated. For someone on a budget this is good news since the waiver allows you to spend on other essential parts of your trip. It is a perfect move that ensures you don’t end up sending more than your credit card holds.

If you want more convenience with the Avios points, you can upgrade cash booking to the cabin that comes next considering the availability you have. At the time of booking, you can upgrade an existing flight and get a return or one-way allowance. However, you need to consider fare restrictions that could bar you from accessing such allowances. You need to check availability by ensuring you log in to your account then selecting the flights and dates you plan to travel so you can see if you are eligible for the upgrade. On a short haul, if the system allows, you can easily move from economy to business class.

You might have an idea of calling the British Airways phone number ahead of upcoming trips and the urge to use these points might force you to want to extent their usefulness to cover the upcoming trip. This is possible if you can add some cash to the payment so you can spare some points to be used in your next flights. The fewer Avios you use, the more you pay in cash to cover the deficit and this means also preparing to pay less in future. Additionally, you could ask your friend or a family member to give you some Avios. It is easy to transfer these points to another person, so you can always lower your costs by seeking assistance from your friends.

Travel agent bookings give you a chance to upgrade through your local Executive Club. You must ensure the booking classes you choose are eligible and make the bookings in time to avoid being left out. Note that the Bulk Tour and Inclusive Tour types of fare are not eligible to be used in this case. For more accuracy, you should log on to the website of the British Airlines to learn more about what you could take up in place of your Avios and how you can access better rates for your flights.

If you feel the upgrades you made are not serving you well, you could also request for changes. Just contact your local Executive Club Service centre for assistance on how to go about this process and to reinforce your account for future travel needs. Some changes like this could come with associated costs, so before you initiate the process you could request an explanation of what could be the case. There is detailed information about booking service fees and related services on the official website of British Airways.

While British Airways seems to have killed its once awesome awards, with the introduction of Avios the company seems to have prevented the prevalence of gloom and doom. It is a new dawn that will help them to serve the market better and ensure their services are useful to majority of the users who look forward to enjoy an awesome experience. You can take advantage of the opportunities the company is offering to their customers to transfer bonus points offered through the Avios program. Easily manage your flights better by logging in to the online portal of British Airlines to calculate your Avios points.

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