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Popular supermarket chain ASDA, has over 600 stores within the United Kingdom, and serves more than 18 million customers every single week. Due to the store’s nation-wide popularity, most ASDA stores are open for long hours each day, with weekends and bank-holidays often following a similar pattern.

Unlike competing supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s, ASDA seems to be the most flexible with their opening times. The average nation-wide opening time for a Tesco store is 8am, whereas the average opening time for an ASDA store is 7am, which grants customers a head-start on their shop compared to those who shop elsewhere. As we make our way into summer, ASDA’s 11pm closing time (on average) means that the nation can soak up the sun, and still have time to take a trip to the supermarket in the evening.

For modern families, having flexibility to shop is often a much-needed requirement, due to the ever-expanding lifestyles and careers that society currently has. When planning the weekly shop, it would be wise for families to allocate a set amount of time dedicated to shopping, to avoid a last-minute rush to the supermarket. Families should aim to familiarise themselves with the opening times of their local ASDA’s, so there are no unwanted surprises when shoppers turn up at 11pm and see that the store has closed its doors for the evening.

How can I find out my local ASDA opening times?

To find out your local ASDA opening times, this webpage ( https://www.gps-data-team.com/poi/united_kingdom/shopping/ASDA-UK.html ) offers complete and detailed information regarding EVERY ASDA store in the United Kingdom. Handy, right? Not only does this website offer the opening and closing times for all ASDA stores in the UK, but it provides the addresses, telephone numbers, directions, and even the services and facilities available at all the stores, all at the click of a few buttons. The variety of services available at many of ASDA’s stores include (but are not purely limited to) Pay-Points, Disabled Facilities, Petrol Stations, ASDA’s own shopping line ‘George’ and Click and Collect facilities for both groceries and other items. Typically, the car parking facilities at larger ASDA stores can hold hundreds of vehicles at any given time, meaning that everyone can shop whenever their heart’s desire. Much like other supermarkets, ASDA offers a wide combination of facilities that complement the typical grocery shopping experience. However, ASDA tends to offer better, and more advanced services than their competitors – including the ASDA customer service number. As well as this, ASDA’s price promise allows shoppers to be confident with their purchases, knowing that ASDA’s prices are the same as, or in fact better than, the prices in competing supermarkets.

After researching and comparing specific ASDA stores throughout the UK, it has become evident to me that the peak time for shoppers is 5pm. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that many customers tend to do their shopping upon finishing work, with the average working day grinding to a halt at 5pm. Although the peak time for visitors to ASDA is 5pm, it comes at a surprise to me to learn that the average shopper only spends 25 minutes in store. What this tells me is that either most shoppers only pick up the essentials and leave the weekly family shop for the weekend, or that ASDA customers are very shop-savvy and can navigate their way around a supermarket in thirty minutes or less. The arrival of self-service checkouts in almost every ASDA store means that shoppers on a tight schedule can spend more time shopping, and less time waiting for a cashier to scan up their items, as this service allows them to scan and pay at their desired speed.

How about other ways of shopping with ASDA?

If physical shopping is not your thing, ASDA offers a 24 hour, online shopping experience for everyone in the United Kingdom. Shoppers can simply log onto their computers, head to the ASDA website, shop for their favourite items, and place them into their virtual shopping baskets before heading to the checkout. Once in the checkout, there is no need to cash up your shopping, as your total automatically appears in an instant. You can cater the delivery of your shopping by ASDA’s team around your daily schedule, as this convenient way to shop allows your groceries to come straight to your front door.

When shopping online, you do not need to worry about ASDA’s opening times, as there is no need to visit a store when having goods delivered to your home. However, when shopping for your ASDA groceries online, you can opt to have your groceries picked and packed for collection at your local store, meaning that your trip to the supermarket will be quick and easy.

Of course, like all shopping establishments, if anything does not live up to expectations regarding your experience with ASDA, not only can you consult the staff at any one of ASDA’s stores daily, but ASDA’s team are also available to contact via telephone. From 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 10pm on a Sunday, you can contact ASDA on 0800 952 0101 to talk about any issues you might have.

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