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Asda are without doubt one of the most recognised high street brands. The supermarket have long stood for incredible value and have vowed to save customers money over the years in comparable shops with value in a basket as compared to other supermarkets, (although this is a very common claim amongst competitors). Now an entirely owned division of Walmart – the American ASDA contact numbersupermarket giant, Asda has kept its roots by hanging on to its corporate headquarters in Leeds where the supermarket was initially formed by a conglomerate of Yorkshire dairy farmers.  Over the years Asda has grown into one of the dominant players on the market and is without question an important cog in trade in the UK.

The group have been subject to looking at new acquisitions including a rumoured takeover of Irish retailer, Dunnes Stores. In 2010, Asda made what was to be its largest acquisition as the group purchased all of Netto’s operations in the UK for a reported £778 million. Despite having to sell off some of the stores after an Office of Fair Trading investigation found that Asda would have had too much market dominance in certain areas. Fashioning themselves on selling nearly every household essential under one roof, Asda has become one of the savvy shoppers first ports of call when doing the so-called ‘big shop’. Despite competition from budget retailers such as Aldi, Asda are standing firm and continuing their excellent level of trading.

Contacting Asda on the phone

Customers on the whole are satisfied with Asda’s service and have very little reason to contact them but there are occasions where problems do occur perhaps in store or with an online order from Asda Direct and in this case, Asda have employed a specialist customer service team who are trained to deal with any problem that you may have. In order to speak to someone who can assist you, call the dedicated Asda phone number.

Calling the ASDA contact number to report an issue

Many customers still visit the store as is tradition, although there are a growing number of customers who have now chosen to shop at home. This could be down to their own busy lives, the pressures of work, family or more and with the advent of online shopping, Asda Direct grew into a much more popular service. Despite its smooth running on the whole, there are some customers who have reported issues with their Asda Direct order and in this instance it is advised that you contact the customer service team by calling our Asda phone number on –

Ordering groceries from Asda Direct.

Perhaps the largest growing sector of any supermarkets business recently has been that of the online food shop. Instead of having to call off at a store on your way home from work and trudge in laden with bags, then this service has become extremely important and preferable for a large number of people. For instance if you can’t drive, the service is almost essential now. So when your ASDA phone numberorder arrives, you’ll want it to be as close as possible to what you would have picked up in store yourself. Obviously ordering groceries online does have its drawbacks. For instance when you are ordering fresh fruit and vegetables, you do not have control over the exact stock picked and when you receive the item, it may not be to your satisfaction. There is also a potential issue with an option that you can choose when placing your order which allows pickers to choose an alternative item should yours not be available. Again this may not be to your satisfaction. It is encouraged that if you are ordering online, you should go through your order carefully and make sure that you instruct the team to pick exactly what you want. There are times when this of course goes wrong or there is a problem upon delivery such as breakage and more. If you are dissatisfied with the service in anyway – it is best advised that you contact the customer service team by calling the Asda phone number.

Problems with a large item purchased from Asda Direct

Asda’s diversification in the marketplace has given them the opportunity to sell much larger goods than just what you’d be able to put in your freezer. Now selling television sets, household appliances, home ware and much more, Asda have a returns policy in place for any item that you have ordered online and is not to your specification and the customer service team advise that you contact their helpdesk in order to arrange a collection. To do this this, simply call the Asda phone number (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 507 0205

Other reasons to call the ASDA contact number

The customer service team – who you can contact on the dedicated Asda phone number are on hand to assist you with a number of different enquiries not just those related to returns. Below are some of the other reasons you may have considered calling Asda’s customer service team, but were not sure about.

Other Asda products.

Asda, much like other retailers have ventured into providing other products for their customers and not just the kind of products that you can get off the shelf. Much like their competitors Tesco and Sainsburys, Asda have begun to sell insurance policies, travel services and also credit cards. Many customers still believe that you have to find a separate phone number in order to connect to ASDA contact phone numberthe customer service departments for these products and that is of course simply not true. You can speak to the customer service team here directly about any of these products that you have an issue with an in the event that that agent cannot assist you with your problem, they should be able to transfer you to a representative who can. Call the team on the Asda phone number listed in this article.

Returns by Asda Collect+ service

Adsa have launched their Collect+ service which is based in over 5000 of their stores in the UK. This is a service for customers who have bought products online and who may not be in to arrange a collection for return. This service is only available on products under 10kgs in weight and also with the dimensions of 50x30x30 cms or less. To arrange this you must first ensure that you have the relevant returns label to hand for the product then you can simply call the Asda phone number in order to arrange collection at any one of the 5000+ collection points to return your product.

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